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Connaught is clearly missing from this map of Ireland in Google Analytics

Mystery as Irish province disappears from Google Analytics

While trawling through Google Analytics earlier, as every self-respecting webmaster should, I noticed something slightly odd when viewing location data for Ireland; Connaught is missing. Galway, Leitrim, Mayo, Roscommon and Sligo, all gone! This is certainly a mistake on Google's part, although some have quipped that this may be yet another condition of Ireland's EU/IMF deal. Selling off Connaught should just about cover Ireland's debt, right?
Garda station lamp. Photo by infomatique via Flickr
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Gardaí join Twitter ahead of Queen Elizabeth’s and President Obama’s visits

The Gardaí, Ireland’s national police force, has joined Twitter ahead of the historic visits of Queen Elizabeth and President Barack Obama in the next two weeks. The Gardaí’s Twitter account, @gardatraffic, will become one of the main ways the police force will notify the public of planned widespread disruptions to vehicle and pedestrian travel in and around Dublin City.