Self-aware AI on the battlefield: should we fear a Terminator scenario? (Podcast)

March 30, 2021


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In this episode of the Brains Byte Back Podcast, we want to explore if “The Terminator” could ever become a reality, and what other forms of AI weapons and warfare we might see in the near future.

To do this we are joined by Marshall Barnes, an advanced concept science and technology R&D engineer who has been associated with advanced weapons concepts involving robotics and computerized weapons systems since 1982.

Barnes began his career working on ideas for antisubmarine warfare and was a recruitment target by the attorney of Arm-Tech, James Maxwell.

In 2008 he published a paper through Scientific Americans’ blog community on current and future weapons systems that was scrubbed off the Internet by DARPA because it revealed too much.

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Picture referenced by Barnes in the podcast

Barnes kicks off the episode by explaining how he first got started in the technological weapons space, and how a love for sci-fi inspired him to design futuristic weapons.

He also breaks down how he would revise classic Star Wars weapons and vehicles to make them more effective, and how his career was launched by a desire to create his own sci-fi movie.

We also discuss a recent BBC article titled “Biden urged to back AI weapons to counter China and Russia threats, and Barnes shares his thoughts on why he is not afraid of AI becoming self-aware. 

He also discusses China’s super-soldier program, and how he likes to contemplate countermeasures against new technological weapons from foreign threats as a hobby in his free time.

Additionally, Barnes explains what “Digital Centrism” is and why it holds back many in the tech community.

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