Three new features in Google Docs

November 17, 2010


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In a blog post on the official Google Docs blog three new Google Docs features have been announced and will be made available over the coming days: auto-corrections, LaTex in equations, and images in spreadsheet cells.

Auto-corrections allows text to be substituted automatically. For example, typing (c) will automatically substitute to a copyright sign ©. Custom auto-corrections are also possible.

Google Docs auto-corrections preferences

Google Docs auto-corrections preferences

Google Docs have added a lot of LaTex shortcuts to the equation editor. For example, typing ‘frac’ while editing an equation will convert it into an equation fraction automatically. A full list of LaTex shortcuts can be found here.

It’s also now possible to add images to individual spreadsheet cells. However, images can only be added from Google Images or from a URL with no image upload feature available.

The last line of the post reveals that another feature is to be announced later today, but gives no indication of what. We’re hoping it’s increased iPad compatibility. Share your predictions in the comments.

Thumbnail image courtesy of colin_n on Flickr.


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