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PermitZone officially launches to ease pain of securing building permits after winning industrial tech pitch at SXSW

PermitZone officially launches to ease pain of securing building permits after winning industrial tech pitch at SXSW

Coming fresh after winning $15K at SXSW‘s Industrial Technology Pitch Competition, PermitZone officially launches to help bring building permit acquisition out of the dark ages.

Launching the democratization of access to building department requirements and securing building permits nationwide, PermitZone aims to help navigate the difficult process of securing authorization to build.

Having gone through the Techstars accelerator program in Austin, TX under the name FieldVine, the newly launched PermitZone platform allows free access to the correct contacts for any given area, making it easier for freelance contractors and DIY-pros to secure permits to build on their property.

PermitZone provides a powerful, building permit search tool for anyone who needs information about building permits. Simply enter the address where construction work will be performed, and the platform will pinpoint the corresponding building department and provide contact information free of charge.

“We are democratizing the process of searching and obtaining permits, helping builders and DIY enthusiasts in turn,” said Founder and CEO Ray Antonino.

With a combined experience of 14 years building brick & mortar businesses, 10 years of construction management, 15 years of property management, and 10 years technical engineering building web applications, the team at PermitZone has just the right blend of experience, know-how, and resources to democratize building permit acquisition.

Each year, more than 30 million building permits are “pulled” or granted by building departments across the US. While common costs for permit expeditors can hit as much as $2,000, PermitZone charges just $49 per permit application.

PermitZone allows users to complete a standardized permit application for all of their permit needs. It then works with the building department to get the permits “pulled” and customers receive automated communications throughout the process.

“We will change the way people pull permits and make the process more efficient for all involved,” Antonino continued. “We want to make permit applications quicker and easier than ever before, in order to put an end to drawn out and costly planning processes.”

How it works

PermitZone has built a lookup tool that correctly identifies the building department assigned to any address and provides free access to contact information of the right municipal authorities. Similarly, only 12 percent of the USA’s 19,000+ building departments offer the chance to obtain a construction permit online, which is a huge hassle.

Users can also upload plans and pull permits online by filling out a short application which PermitZone reviews for errors and submits on your behalf, even if local authorities don’t make it available online.

The platform provides permitting data that is available before a project is completed or even approved. It can even inform companies using sub contractors if a permit is needed, if one has been issued, and when a permit has successfully closed out with the building department.

PermitZone also helps municipalities to get online without having to sign up to costly contracts. The platform provides a solution for municipalities that want to offer online permitting without disrupting existing workflows while simultaneously providing contractors with uniformed access to permit information and the ability to pull construction permits online using a standard application for all the places they service.

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