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Event planning now has its own clever search engine for quotes

Event planning now has its own clever search engine for quotes
Ben Allen

Being tasked with planning an event is usually followed by an excited feeling of potential success coupled with an inescapable trepidation.

On the one hand there might be a steady stream of ideas, but until you do some research and get on the phone to suppliers, you can never be quite sure how those ideas will manifest. Then there’s the budgeting which might squeeze your ideas further, or perhaps the whole idea of the event itself is just not coming together.  How do event planning pros always manage to find the perfect vendors, venues, and suppliers capable of taking an event to the next level?

Half the problem here is research. Finding the right vendors at the right price who are free on the right date is difficult enough, let alone trying to use a Google search to dig up a decent selection to choose from. What’s more is the events market is surprisingly large at an estimated $565 billion! So there plenty to choose from.

Luckily, Eventerprise has clocked on to this and created a new tool, Eventerquote/RFP – RFP standing for “Request a Free Proposal.”

The site gives you a brief form to fill in (though they do have a more detailed version if you really want to go to town on it) so you can enter what you’re going to need, when, where, and your budget with a free text field so you can write up your specifics. Once that’s all done you’ll receive quotes and proposals from rated and reviewed suppliers for your perusing pleasure.

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Charlie Wright, Co-Founder at Eventerprise

“Event planning would be less stressful and time-consuming if hosts didn’t have to wade through a mountain of unverified information first,” said Eventerprise Co-Founder, Charlie Wright, “we want people to have better events!”

With no event planning-equivalent to TripAdvisor it’s much more difficult to get in touch with trusted suppliers and receive tailored proposals. And having spotted as much, Wright and team set up Eventerprise’s new tool.

Eventerprise’s latest initiative to grant easy and organized access to the information they need has the potential to transform event planning ideas into reality, with a fraction of the usual exerted effort.

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