3 Types of B2B Ecommerce and Benefits

July 20, 2018


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Business to business marketing is a fast track marketing that provides solid support to your business. It is getting very popular due to its extraordinary and unlimited benefits.

Due to the advent of the internet, the grand changes have been seen in every field of life. It has brought about grand changes in the world of marketing. On the Internet, this form of marketing is called e-biz. It is actually, a good exchange of information, services, and products between businesses. It is the technique that boosts up the business profit rapidly. Today, a modern businessman earns a lot due to this strategy.

Types of B2B Ecommerce

  • Volume Products

Using high-quality templates is one of the effective B2B ecommerce solutions that ensure that site looks good. The customers use their mobile devices for business-related searches. It is important that your site needs to be responsive. These items are automotive supply, hardware, apparel and common in CPG businesses. For this model of B2B ecommerce, customers can place the order with the few clicks.

  •  Subscription Products

With the development of the SAAS and digital marketing of products, it is easy to offer numerous products and services. These purchasing plans are different. Instead of the checking and purchasing the products, in this model customer signs up for the services. In the result, this solution supports a unique process and purchase flow.

  • Configuration Products

There are unlimited examples of this model. It contains telecommunication solutions, medical devices, manufacturing equipment and networking products.

Benefits of B2B Internet Marketing

  • Digital Marketing

Business to business marketing is a platform that is highly useful for the modern businessmen. It helps in introducing the goods and services to other business customers online. The B2B E-commerce is a seller-oriented marketing because people visit the site which is prepared by the supplier. Due to this strategy, a businessperson can sell a variety of items and industrial equipment here. It is one of the most important techniques that enhance the fame of the business. In this way, the suppliers can introduce their goods at the vast level. No doubt, it is a collaborative effort.

  • Earning Management

It is a solid platform to support the procurement management. It helps in reducing the cycle of time and prices. For competitive purchasing, it is very important to announce the RFQ to the potential supplier. This B2B marketing plays an important role to enhance the earning of the buyer. Due to this marketing technique, the implementation of procurement management becomes very easy for the businessman. The prime concern of the supplier is to win the bid. In the customer-oriented B2B economic ecommerce platform, the majority of the suppliers participates and raises the worth of their business.  

  • Just In Time

The other important tool of the B2B marketing is the just in time delivery. JIT is the way to manage the stock in the storage. It involves getting products from the suppliers and handling other issues related to it. Direct marketing needs a just-in-time manufacturing system. It is an advanced confirmation of the supplier’s inventory. It is a compulsory element for b2b. For increasing the profit of the business, it is very important to increase the sales. The sales are increased on the wide platform. The B2B marketing provides solid support to the businessmen. Here, they can introduce their products at the wide level.

  • Electronic Intermediaries

Individuals and firms participate in electronic intermediaries as suppliers, or customers. The business buys certain items such as personal computers, stationery, books, industrial equipment and others. It helps in connecting two business owners at good rates. It is the best way to increase the sales of the business. In this way, both parties get good quality at good rates. The business owners can increase the productivity of their businesses easily. It makes the market wide for them.

Test and create new products via stand-alone online stores. Customers can open new channels for present products. This trend of e-commerce marketing has gained immense popularity. This increases the business sales and enhances the market for your products. On the other hand, for the customers, it is very easy to access the variety of the products online.


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