Eircom launches new €10 a week mobile service

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Earlier today Paul Donovan, Eircom CEO, and Conor Carmody, Director of eMobile announced the launch of Eircom’s latest mobile service – eMobile. Undoubtedly, the most exciting aspect of the eMobile service is its €10 a week prepay price plan.

Commenting on the launch of eMobile, Donovan said “This is a really great day for us. Our new mobile service is fresh, exciting, easy to access and easy to use. We genuinely believe that eMobile offers exceptional, if not the best, value in the market.”

Paul Donovan and Conor Carmody speaking at the launch of eMobile
Paul Donovan and Conor Carmody speaking at the launch of eMobile

According to Eircom the motivation behind this new venture is to reduce the complexity of mobile price plans and to empower its customers by giving them tools to monitor exactly how much the service is costing them, through its website.

eMobile have introduced a number of simplified price plans. The most noteworthy plan is called the ’Seven 10’ plan, which gives prepay customers 200 minutes and 200 texts to any network at any time for €10 a week. There are also a number of business plans that claim to save customers €180 per year over similar offers from Vodafone.

Data plans are largely similar to other network operators with little new offered here. Prepay mobile data plans can be purchased at the usual, and expensive, 99c per day, with only 50MB bandwidth allowance. 50MB equates to a little over 4 minutes of YouTube normal quality video. There is also a laughable 250MB weekly data allowance available on the ‘Seven 15’ prepay price plan, but we recommend choosing a monthly bill pay option to get value for money.

To help sell this new service eMobile have employed 50 new staff to work in eMobile stores in Dublin, Limerick, Waterford, and Cork. eMobile have also partnered with the Carphone Warehouse, Xtra-Vision, and the Dixon Store Group to make the service universally available.

While it’s hard not to be sceptical about another Eircom initiative, we’re also hopeful that this will bring much needed competition amongst the mobile network providers in Ireland. Let us know your thoughts on eMobile, would you switch?

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