The gift-giving AI for businesses that increases sales by 40x (podcast)

December 7, 2020


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It is the season for gift giving! For many of our closest friends and relatives, knowing what to buy them can be a nightmare, so imagine trying to give a gift to someone you don’t know but desperately need to impress.

That is the situation for many sales representatives looking to sign large deals with prospects. This was an issue faced by Ebere Anosike, a sales veteran turned founder of ThankYouKindly, a service that uses machine learning to send gifts to professional contacts and prospects.

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Anosike joins us on today’s show to discuss how she founded the business and how this AI-based gift-giving process works.

We also learn how customers of ThankYouKindly have, on average, reported receiving 40 times the ROI on sales prospects that receive gifts, why Anosike believes gift-giving is so impactful and how they measure the ROI for gift giving.

In addition to this Anosike explains what the book Influence, by psychology and marketing professor Dr. Robert Cialdini, taught her about persuasion and reciprocity.


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