Helloprint: one of Europe’s fastest-growing ecommerce platforms secures multi-million-euro funding


As one of the fastest growing ecommerce platforms in Europe, Helloprint announced on Monday that it had raised an additional multi-million-euro funding from existing investors.

The significant investments in the platform will go towards benefitting customers as well as the growing number of more than 150 specialised print producers connected to the Helloprint system.

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Hans Scheffer

“Our growth evolves according to plan,” said Helloprint Founder and CEO Hans Scheffer.

“We expect to cross the 50-million-euro revenue line in 2018, a growth rate of approximately 50% compared to last year, the fourth full year since our inception. Our business model has proven itself over the last years, and we see interesting things happening in the fast-growing online print market,” he added.

The platform enables print producers to sell the products of their choice to customers online. Helloprint takes away all hassle from the producer, like customer acquisition, artwork or the payment process.

Winner of the Deloitte Fast 50 Rising Star 2016, the Dutch startup currently has over 200,000 customers in the Netherlands, Belgium, France, Italy, United Kingdom, Spain, and Ireland.

The platform enables print producers to sell the products of their choice to customers online via the Helloprint platform. The platform takes away all hassle from the producer, like customer acquisition, artwork or the payment process.

“For many print producers it is simply not possible to sell their products, especially the smaller quantities, to individual customers because of the complex supply-chain, the high order costs and the lack of marketing capabilities in the online era,” said Scheffer, adding, “by partnering up with Helloprint, they can sell their products via us as an additional sales channel without any hassle or investment, and for many producers, this is an interesting opportunity.”

Whereas the relevant commercial print market has been characterized by steady growth, an increasing share of orders is shifting online, which delivers lower prices and superior service to customers – a development Helloprint is benefitting from.

“It is a 160 billion euro industry in Europe, where the majority of the orders are still being generated offline. Our focus for 2018 is to drive online adoption in our existing countries, but we are investing into the platform to be able to scale the Helloprint model across Europe. We are very grateful for the ongoing support and commitment of our investors,” the CEO added.

The Rotterdam-based Helloprint continues with the partnership of Bregal Unternehmerkapital and Project A and yet again plans to foster its internationalization in continental Europe and the UK, expand the team, and strengthen its platform.

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