A look into Horasis, where long-term solutions are developed for complex economic and social trends

February 25, 2024


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2023 proved a particularly challenging year worldwide, as economic turbulence, rising debt, political tensions, and climate change all came to the fore.

Yet as we reflect on recent events, it seems we were left with more questions than answers in the face of our current ‘polycrysis’ scenario. 

As globalization continues to dominate it’s increasingly clear that there will never be any one answer to the complex political and social problems we face today. Organizations have the ability to drive systemic change but this can’t happen in a vacuum. The support of other initiatives working to deliver impactful change proves increasingly crucial in finding workable solutions and nuanced perspectives.  

For Dr. Frank-Jürgen Richter, founder and president of Horasis Global Visions Community, an independent international think tank based in Zurich, aiming to solve humanity’s problems in a few short days is an impossible task. 

In contrast, Dr. Richter is keen to highlight the pressing need for global leaders to unite and collaboratively address political and social problems all year round. 

Sergio Ramos had the opportunity to speak with Dr. Frank-Jürgen Richter to get a better understanding of how Horasis and its community-driven approach are helping to uncover solutions to help solve the needs and challenges of the moment. 

A summary of the conversation can be found here. 

Could you expand on the mission and vision for the Horasis global community?

Since 2005, Horasis has been helping to inspire long-term solutions to complex economic and social trends through its community of global leaders. We know that in an increasingly globalized world, our challenges are shared in some way, whether directly or indirectly.

We believe that solving complex problems cannot be achieved overnight. 

Therefore, through the different meetings that Horasis holds throughout the year, we seek to establish solid foundations and a commitment to politics at an international level that allows us to move towards progressive change.

This wouldn’t be possible without the commitment of our community of leaders from corporate, political, and social backgrounds who offer their time and expertise to our shared cause. This principled leadership and proactive support for sustainable development ensures our initiatives go beyond the boundaries of the boardroom.

How do you maintain perspective on complex global issues? 

Although hosting an annual, collective summit holds many benefits, I believe positive action hinges on keeping a close finger on the pulse with regards to emering global trends. For this reason, Horasis commits to hosting a variety of global and regional summits which take place throughout the year. 

These events bring together hundreds of leaders and decision-makers from businesses, governments and international organizations to engage in targeted policy dialogue from India to the U.S. and debate the most pressing global challenges with a local context. 

Horasis events focus on collaborative environments to address sustainable growth, which is why over the years these meetings have become the most important meeting place for business leaders from emerging markets and their global counterparts.

This April we will hold our annual meeting in Binh Duong, Vietnam. In collaboration with the Chinese Federation of Industrial Economy, Horasis will bring together hundreds of community members and prominent business leaders from China and Vietnam. The event aims to analyze the current state of the entrepreneurship ecosystem in China and Asia, a region that has become a key player in the manufacturing of components for various industries globally. 

Further, our ‘Horasis Visionary Circle’ is scheduled for September in the United Kingdom. Here, 25 prominent members of the global political and business scene will debate the transition towards a more just and equitable society and the social commitments that this will require. 

How do you build the Horasis community? 

Our events are open to CEOs from the world’s leading companies. The meetings are supported by knowledge partners and selected companies that contribute their experience and resources to Horasis.

By bringing together top leaders and business people at this especially crucial time for global politics and trade, we are coming together to craft action plans that enable sustainable growth and a more morally decent form of globalization.

Featured photo of Dr. Frank-Jürgen Richter

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