The Sociable’s 15 Most Innovative Products of 2024

January 23, 2024


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See what’s in store for the year ahead with the Sociable’s spotlight on the most cutting-edge and innovative products for 2024. 

For this article, we’ve scoured our network to find the most interesting new products on the market at the moment and uncovered solutions that run the gamut from virtual fashion and sustainable medical apparel to AI-driven banking solutions and the latest cybersecurity software to collate a list of products set to redefine industries this year. 

And that’s not all. Startups and entrepreneurs are set to benefit from new business planning tools that will revolutionize strategy models and streamline the process of fundraising connecting thanks to a range of AI-driven solutions. Finally, it’s never been easier for companies of all sizes to achieve sustainability goals thanks to new data-driven reporting platforms that monitor ESG activity. 

So, whether you’re a DTC retail brand, a finance multinational or an up-and-coming founder, we’ve got you covered. 

Without further ado here is our list of the 16 most innovative products for 2024.


Nisum’s pocket fashion guru, TrendTech

Revolutionizing the way consumers shop and dress, TrendTech is the latest hit shoppers can’t get enough of! Rather than scanning endless stores for product options, clever algorithms help users find the perfect outfit. Shoppers simply snap a photo of their wardrobe or a style they love and let AI do the rest.

Retailers have the opportunity to predict customer preferences more accurately, and stock up intelligently on the right product lines to see sales conversions skyrocket.

Experts in retail technology, Nisum’s latest AI solution guarantees a secure, seamless fashion experience. Its dual-storage approach — one for consumer suggestions and another for marketplace strategies — offers granular predictive insights and optimal inventory management.

Educating children on the shop floor of Ikea

At the intersection of interactive retail experience and sustainability, Ikea launched an augmented reality (AR) game that teaches customers about marine life and sustainability. In partnership with Meta and Warpin Reality, the AR game Lilla Äventyret (Little Adventure) encouraged players to engage with themes such as littering and pollution prevention. Deployed across 21 stores in Sweden for a limited period in 2023, we look forward to seeing what Ikea will do next to provide eco-friendly experiences in their international stores.

Colorchain’s high-tech medical apparel

The brand behind nursing uniforms that empower millions of medics across the globe, Colorchain has proudly found the perfect balance between giving life to an innovative product and generating a social impact. 

A leader in the medical apparel space, Colorchain designs, develops, manufactures, and markets cutting-edge medical clothing. The brand also seeks to improve safety for medical professionals by combining high technology and comfort for the personnel who use each outfit and considering the specific functionality of each medical role.


Marrying style with conscience consumerism at Finematter

Cutting through the noise and confusion of sustainable jewelry, Finematter created a circular business model and platform to help independent artisans navigate sustainability in the online retail space.

The jewelry industry is highly fragmented, and boutique fine jewelers often lack real opportunity to independently push for change on an industry level. With individual, high-quality jewelry makers dotted across the globe, bringing them together on the Finematter platform unites their collective power to make a difference across the global jewelry supply chain.

CrediblESG opens doors to a sustainable-first business ecosystem 

Elevating your environmental, social, and governance (ESG) credentials has never been more straightforward thanks to Credibl. The platform facilitates data management and sustainability tracking for corporations, supply chains, and investors. From seamless strategy roadmaps and ESG implementation to clear reporting and easy improvement opportunities, Credibl saves 3000-plus human hours per year. 

Its 360-degree platform measures your footprint across 1000+ ESG KPIs. Organizations can set and manage ESG goals with AI-powered data governance. In addition, one-click reporting on popular ESG frameworks and disclosures like GRI, SASB, TCFD, ESRS, CSRD, CDP, and DJSI means companies can be more compliant and sustainable than ever.

Creating healthy environments with Viking Pure

Viking Pure, the company reimagining how companies clean and disinfect, offers machines that produce electrolyzed water to offer more sustainable cleaning products. Setting new standards for cleanliness, Viking Pure looks to nature to provide high-quality cleaning solutions free of corroding and damaging properties. Already implemented in hospitals, senior nursing homes, gyms, and labs, its easy integration of on-site generation technology exceeds cleanliness controls across the US.


Jifiti empowers the world’s largest banks

Jifiti has steered away from the mundane to infiltrate dynamism into consumer lending. Through its white-labeled platform, banks and lenders embed their loans at any point of sale, while merchants access the most competitive business and consumer loan programs. However, it’s not just about loans; it’s about a financial journey personalized for every individual. The company empowers users by offering flexible and tailored lending solutions, putting control back into the hands of consumers.

Innovation is in the name: Skystem’s ART

Named after its masterful compilation of workflows, ART simplifies the end-of-month closing process for accountants. Its powerful account reconciliation and financial close applications are easy to implement and a pleasure to use. Shagun, CEO of SkyStem, says that creating the next-gen finance team can involve something other than new hires. 

Nowadays, finance teams leverage automation tools, data analytics, and AI to process, analyze, and report financial data effectively — ultimately helping their organizations make more informed decisions. ART works with any ERP to equip executives with striking insight into their balance sheet. By transforming the close and account reconciliation process, ART helps accounting departments of all sizes.

Trust Naehas for financial compliance

It’s no wonder that six of the top 10 innovative financial companies trust Naehas for compliance. Companies that partner with Naehas have seen new revenue growth, a dramatic acceleration of time to market, and reduced compliance and operational risk. Industry players such as First National Bank of Omaha vouch that Naehas’s world-class cloud platform enables flawless execution.

Gulp Data unlocks data as an asset

Next up we have Gulp Data, a fintech company that’s on a mission to unlock the value held in company datasets. Its novel machine learning tool makes it simple, quick and affordable for companies of all sizes to conduct a data valuation based on real-time market values, 

With a data valuation to hand, companies can go on to use company datasets as collateral. This is a great option for smaller enterprises and startups looking for dilution-free financing options that won’t require them to give up equity or board seats. 

Gulp Data also offers a way to develop high-margin data products that generate recurring revenue through an extensive buyer network. In short, Gulp Data’s products make it easier than ever to do more with company data in a safe, secure and affordable way. 


Trickest, the ethical hacker’s best friend

One of the most striking groups of data experts to break through into the cybersecurity market is Trickest, the company behind empowering the world’s most ethical hackers. 

The company’s testimonials say it all: “The Trickest platform is flexible enough to allow human creativity to shine while removing the pain of managing scalable infrastructure. The workflow UI is so beautifully designed that building out security workflows is a pleasure,” said ethical hacker Luke Stephens.

Security stewards sleep well with trackd

Today’s cybersecurity teams face immense pressure from a growing number of threats and bad actors. With trackd you can take the guesswork out of vulnerability remediation and ease the burden of your security stewards. The proprietary ML platform traces every patch implementation user experience, capturing installation count, disruptiveness, disruption category, average remediation, and duration. 

The data and insight trackd provides help to identify secure and unstable patches, equalling a frictionless toolset to automate safe vulnerability remediation, while giving security teams a heads up when patches are likely to be disruptive.

HavocShield defends businesses

HavocShield is built by ‘Security Stewards, for Security Stewards.’ It addresses the most pressing cybersecurity concerns with one seamless, all-in-one solution. The platform swiftly removes the fear and risk of lacking cybersecurity programs with industry-compliant plans, expert guidance, and professional security tools, ensuring a seamless and secure experience.

Tailored for small businesses, their suite of cybersecurity tools serves as a defense against ransomware, satisfies compliance regulations, and takes building a cybersecurity program off security teams’ hands. Users can leverage threat alerts, secure network reconfiguration checklists, and robust protection programs to access top-notch security without unnecessary complexity.

Business planning — an entrepreneur’s secret weapon

Have you got a winning business idea? With – the platform where innovatively fine-tuned generative AI meets ingenious concepts from budding entrepreneurs worldwide -you can generate a business plan in just three minutes with

Released at the end of 2023, founders can now use the company’s AI tool to help build everything from business plans to market analysis to investor pitch decks and brand strategy. From ideation to launch and beyond, is tailored to ensure that those new to the business world can navigate it with confidence and strategic insight.

Fundraising made easy with Finta

With business models and proof of concepts in order, founders can unlock new fundraising opportunities with Finta AI, a game-changer in the fundraising landscape.

It’s the world’s first GPT-powered CRM, bringing automation to entire fundraising workflows. Founders can say goodbye to manual processes as Finta A.I. streamlines meaningful interactions with investors through AI-generated email scripts. Plus, it effortlessly identifies the most suitable investors based on founders’ deal information. 

dotData, helping entrepreneurs make the right hypotheses

After unveiling its Feature Factory last year, dotData went above and beyond, complementing the feature discovery platform with a B2B data analytics platform. This allows entrepreneurs and big companies alike to ideate business hypotheses by combining AI-driven insight discovery and Generative AI.

Together, this two-fold technology approach helps marketing and finance analysts eradicate manual reporting blind spots like high product pricing contributing to client churn. Instead, it converts unstructured enterprise data into business signals, exploring millions of possible multimodal datasets, including those from temporal, geospatial, categorical, and numeric attributes. 

The great part for startups is its user-friendly, intuitive, point-and-click interface — allowing data analysts to uncover more insights with minimal reliance on domain experts, data scientists, or data engineers. Not only that, but the visual dashboard makes tracking key metrics effortless, providing immediate visibility into critical trends. Users can also export their findings and generate scorecards, making sharing high-value insights with stakeholders easy.  


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