GROW YOUR TECH STARTUP Detects The Most Important Moments in a Fortnite Game, Bringing AI-Powered Highlights From Top Streamers To Fans

October 26, 2018


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Sizzle, a new service for gaming fans that brings them 5 minute condensed games from top Fortnite streamers, has announced their beta launch today.

Sizzle leverages AI to automatically detect the action highlights and most important moments in a game so fans can watch a full 20 minute Fortnite game in just 5 minutes that concentrates on just the action. Sizzle is currently available for the most recent games from select top Fortnite streamers, and will be expanding to more streamers soon.

Users arrive on the site, select their desired streamer, and will be taken to a page with all of that streamers’ recent condensed games. In fact, Sizzle’s AI engine watches each Twitch live stream, detects the important moments, and automatically creates all of the condensed games played in that stream, making them available for fans to enjoy on

Online gaming content, a $3.2 billion growing market, attracts 700 million fans globally. They primarily watch livestreams on Twitch, and highlights on YouTube. The challenge is that only a vast minority of fans are available during live streams, and so must resort to highlights. But highlights rarely convey the full arc of the game’s story. With Sizzle, fans can watch all the games they’d like, at the time of their convenience, getting the full story.

“We’re excited to launch a first-of-its-kind service that will bring gaming and Fortnite fans a brand new viewing experience,” said Murali Raju, Co-Founder and CEO of Sizzle. “There are millions of fans that want something shorter than an 8 hour livestream, but more in-depth than a 3 minute highlight reel. Our beta testers have been very excited by our 5 minute condensed game format, since they can now watch a full 6 hour stream of 10 games played within 50 minutes.

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