Brian Cowen and Vincent Browne at loggerheads following Massey Ferguson / John Deere argument [Spoof]

Vincent Browne
Vincent Browne

Ireland’s digital Banksy, Johnny Yacuntya, has released another spoof video to a list of already acclaimed uploads. This time he targets the outgoing Taioseach Brian Cowen and TV3 presenter Vincent Browne, where, as usual, little love is shown between the two. Browne attempts to argue his case regarding the integrity and build quality of the world’s leading tractor brand, the Massey Ferguson – something which Cowen whole-heartdely refuses to accept.

Note: The video clip [2:26] can be viewed here on Facebook, but do expect the usual profanity.


  1. One interesting thing I witnessed with these videos is that while they are location-dependent, no such age dependance exists. I’ve shown them to sixty-year olds who find them just as amusing as sixteen-year olds.

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