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HYLAS 1 broadband satellite

New HYLAS 1 satellite to bring broadband to rural Ireland

Darren McCarraNovember 26, 2010
Bing Maps showing Twitter overlay
Social Media

Bing Maps Ireland’s #bailout Tweets

Piers Dillon ScottNovember 25, 2010
Cowen set to replace comic relief character Hurley on new season of Lost
Social Media

Twitter sentiment towards Brian Cowen – 88% negative

Darren McCarraNovember 25, 2010
Facebook ads

Google and Facebook fight it out over your homepage

Piers Dillon ScottNovember 24, 2010
Copān – augmented reality treasure hunt

Copān – an augmented reality treasure hunt across Dublin

Darren McCarraNovember 23, 2010
Seal of the Irish Government
Social Media

#imf, #bailout – Twitter tells the story of a difficult week for Ireland

Piers Dillon ScottNovember 22, 2010
App folders on iPad in iOS 4.2

iOS 4.2 update now available

Darren McCarraNovember 22, 2010
Government Buildings,Merriot Street

IMF shows sense of humour on Twitter as Dublin accepts massive bailout

Piers Dillon ScottNovember 21, 2010
Eircom Spiders

Winners of The Spiders 2010 announced

Darren McCarraNovember 19, 2010
Postman Patrick

Postman Patrick – Hilarious Postman Pat spoof

Darren McCarraNovember 18, 2010
Ed Vaizey, Minister for Communication, Culture and the Creative Industries in Britain

British communications minister opposes net neutrality

Darren McCarraNovember 18, 2010
MySpace/Facebook integration
Social Media

MySpace to get Facebook integration

Darren McCarraNovember 18, 2010