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MySpace to get Facebook integration

Is MySpace about to be get Facebook integration? The media in San Fransisco have all been invited to a joint announcement from MySpace CEO, Mike Jones, and Facebook VP of Partnerships and Platform Marketing, Dan Rose, that will take place tonight.
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Google Docs editing comes to Android and iOS

As we speculated in this morning’s article Google Docs now supports editing on Android and iOS devices, including the iPad. In the coming days Google will be rolling out their ‘new documents editor’ that supports editing on mobile browsers.
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Three new features in Google Docs

In a blog post on the official Google Docs blog three new Google Docs features have been announced and will be made available over the coming days: auto-corrections, LaTex in equations, and images in spreadsheet cells.
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Facebook announces new “modern messaging system”

Today Facebook unveiled their new “modern messaging system” that promises simpler real-time communication across any medium or device. Speaking at the press event in San Francisco Mark Zuckerberg, Facebook CEO, is quick to confirm that this is “not an email killer”, but “a messaging experience that includes email as one part of it”.
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