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Dublin Tweeters concerned by snow but all is clear in Cork

Trendsmap of Ireland
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The Irish east coast might not have received the 25cm (10″) of snow predicted on Monday but the blizzard conditions are still occupying the minds of Irish tweeters – or at least those in the nation’s capital.

Trendsmap of Ireland
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Trendsmap, a web app that mixes Twitter updates and Google maps, shows that people in Dublin and Leinster are tweeting most about Irelands frosty weather (#snowball) while Cork and Connacht tweeters, who have escaped the worst of the weather, are discussing the political situation in the country (#dermot).

Northern Irish tweeters are equally interested in the weather, although this year’s X-Factor (#Olly) is occupying the thoughts of many of Ulster’s Twitter users.

Discussions of the weather in England and Scotland are tempered with today’s student protests in London (#demo2010), although there is little reference to #cablegate, Wikileaks controversial release of over half a million US diplomatic cables.

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