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#newtwitter is down, again [Breaking News]

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Twitter’s status blog reports that the social network’s new interface is down.

Users currently logging into Twitter are seeing blank screens, no error messages are being shown. Twitter clients such as TweetDeck and Hootsuite are not affected.

Twitter’s blog offers little explanation but only says, “Many users are currently experiencing a blank screen when loading, specifically the new version of the website. We are addressing the problem and should have it resolved shortly.”

Twitter’s new interface has suffered an increased amount of downtime recently.


  1. I’ve been really frustrated with #newtwitter. It’s a great concept, but the number of bugs in it make it almost unusable. It hangs when I send DMs and replies, profile pages don’t load more than half the time, and it’s missing social graph data that was in the old Twitter. Good on them for innovating, but they really should have worked out these bugs before, or much faster now.

    1. @JennaLanger I agree, I am generally unimpressed with the #newtwitter, much of it seems unnecessary. I always thought the beauty of Twitter was the simplicity but it just seems overly complicated now.

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