Why You Need to Build a Huge Social Media Following

August 23, 2018


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Once you sign up for the social media platform of your choice; Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter, building dedicated followers will take time.

At first, you’re likely to experience few or no likes at all. However, consistently curating your content to grow your following is a marketing strategy that pays.

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In this article, we’ll look at the benefits you enjoy by improving your following on social media. Have a look.

1) It’s a Proof of Relevance

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If you are looking to write for a given website or blog, the number of active followers you have on your page will act in your favor. If posts you make on social media attracts a huge number of comments, likes, and shares, then it’s valuable.

It shows that your followers love and appreciate what you post. Therefore, if the website you’re pitching gives you the opportunity to write for them, the traffic to their site will increase. Why? You’ll just share the content on your social media account to generate traffic.

Further, a huge follower’s base gives you more credibility than the social media users with the lowest following.

In most cases, people will want to see the followers you have on your page before making the decision to buy from you. If the list of followers is huge, then they’ll most likely buy from you. If not, they’re likely to dismiss you as a con and shy away from your products in totality.

2) Increase in Opportunities

Imagine you’re hosting a motivation talk and you’re in need of a speaker. Who would you choose, an expert with a huge interactive page or an expert who doesn’t even have a social media account?

In most cases, they’ll check whether your site attracts huge interactions with the audience. If yes, what does the public think of what you post?

3) You Get Access to Unpaid Promotions

If you have a huge following on your site, there’s a probability that most people will share what you post on their profiles.

They may also recommend their friends, colleagues, and relatives to visit your site. In using the word of mouth, your following will increase and consequently your sales will rise.

However, it’s important to note that people will only refer your site if you post useful content. As such you will need to work on gaining more followers and posting regularly and useful content.

4) Increases Your Connections

The connections you gain on social media  is through people who engage you on your social media accounts and blog pages. But the beauty of it is, people who engage you on social media will know other people who are looking for similar services that you’re offering.

In this way, your following is likely to increase. In the end, your content is likely to spread faster.

The key is to have educative and engaging content.


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