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Startupbootcamp Dublin

Dublin added to Startupbootcamp mentoring programme

Startupbootcamp have today announced plans to expand their start-up mentoring network to include Berlin, London, Madrid, and now Dublin. Dublin will join as the third city to create a pan-European network this year along with Copenhagen and Madrid, with Berlin and London expected to participate in 2012.
How the Irish government will fund app development in 2011

How the Irish government will fund over €500,000 in smartphone app development in 2011

This year the Irish government will spend at least half a million Euro funding the development of Android and iOS apps for artistic and cultural institutions. The majority of this money will come from the Cultural Tourism Technology fund which has allocated over €1 million for technology projects this year. Projects being funded include the Temple Bar Cultural Trust, The Chester Beatty Library, Dublin City Council, Wexford Opera and St. Patrick’s Festival amongst others.
Dublin Bus real-time passenger information display

Dublin Bus begins roll-out of real-time passenger information system

Dublin City Council, in conjunction with Dublin Bus, have begun the roll out of a real-time passenger information service in Ireland’s capital yesterday, with electronic information signs becoming operational at ten Dublin-north bus stops. It is expected that two-hundred and fifty signs will become operational by the end of the summer, and four-hundred and fifty by the end of the year.