Google betters ‘Will it Blend’ to promote its Chrome Netbook [Video]

December 10, 2010


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What would you do if someone took your laptop, dunked it in liquid nitrogen and then smashed it like a pane of glass? Or, how would you feel if they set your Netbook on fire? Well, according to Google, you would be okay with it if you were using a Chrome Netbook.

To promote the official unveiling of their web-centric Chrome Netbook (Cr-48 Chrome Notebook) this week, Google has created a helpful explanatory video about the advantages of cloud computing.

Warning: This video contains scenes of bad s**t happening to brand new laptops.

Google’s Chrome Netbooks have received mixed reviews over the week, some have praised the device’s speed and weight while others have described it as more a reference point for the growth of cloud computing than a revolution in home computing. Engadget were stoic in their review of the product

It’s not a “real” product, in the sense that you can’t buy it. Still, it represents the infancy of a series of products that will be very real and probably pretty well priced.


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Piers Dillon Scott

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