QUBED enabling Millennials to fulfill their passions

QUBED enabling Millennials to fulfill their passions

It is a very common occurrence for Millennials to make a huge capital and time investment to complete their university degree just to find out that they no longer wish to pursue a career within their chosen degree.

Afterall, our minds are constantly changing over time along with our passions and interests. Those who are lucky manage to realize what their true passion is over the course of their lifetime and manage to fulfill their potential while others end up working in jobs that they never really excel in due to a lack of strong passion or interest.   

This is the problem that the startup QUBED, with the help of technology, is attempting to solve. They are on a mission to inspire Millennials to pursue a career in line with their talents and passions and to do so with well know universities, brands and industry experts that they know that they can trust. Whether the passion in question is fashion, sports, beauty, music or media. QUBED has something to offer for everyone.

Working in partnership with the world’s leading schools and brands, QUBED creates accessible learning experiences for students to discover career paths in growing global industries.

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Rob Kingyens, President and CEO at QUBED

President and CEO Rob Kingyens brings 20 years of experience to the program, and before that he served in various executive level roles in online learning, education technologies, and data-driven management to drive measurable learning and business outcomes.

Those who take advantage of programs like QUBED, are able to not only further apply their already-existing passions to work in exciting industries, but also discover new passions on their journeys of discovery and learning.

QUBED is able to achieve its goals through building, marketing, and delivering academic programs on their online platform in collaboration with colleges and universities. They are developing educational programs that enhance curriculum and provide unforgettable learning experiences for students with the help of rich media content along with subject expertise. 

The company was founded in 2013 and are based in New York City. Since their early days the company has really grown and today they have close to fifty employees and can boast about partnerships with some of the biggest organizations in the world including The New School, Parsons, Columbia University, Fashion Institute of Technology, Teen Vogue, GILT Groupe, NBA, NFL, Etsy, Conde Nast, Rebecca Minkoff along with many others.

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