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February 14, 2022


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The Great Resignation, an era that still seems to be looming over many industries’ shoulders in 2022, shows that companies need to start having an open channel of communication with their employees. The hiring continuum is still feeling unprecedented strains thanks to this phenomenon, with the number of employees who say they may leave their job up to two-thirds on average. This has resulted in an extreme need for companies to start measuring and prioritizing the employee experience (EX).

Although it was found that only about 33% of people respond to surveys on average, the insight that could be had from them has miles of potential. Surveys give employees an opportunity to have their voice heard, anonymously, so why is it that only one in three feels prompted to participate when given the chance to share their feedback with their employers? 

SurveySparrow is a company that is helping businesses change the functionality of surveys within their daily operations. Through their organizational 360-degree approach, Survey Sparrow utilizes software that allows businesses to glean all of the valuable data that can come from a survey. Let’s take a look at how surveys can be a key factor in helping companies to engage better with their employees—manifesting better EX and more longevity in employee retention.

Data-Driven Business

A data-driven enterprise is an organization that has integrated data into its various operations, using it to drive continual improvement. With insight-driven businesses growing at an average of 30% each year, it is vital that businesses in 2022 start seeing not only the value but the many uses for data. 

The key here is that a company first needs to understand how to obtain the data they need personally, and many companies that are just starting or shifting over to the digital interface might not yet understand what information they truly need. 

SurveySparrow makes it easy for companies to get insight-driven data from the facets that mean the most to them by helping them to build a brand, not just a business. Their solution keeps it effortless to refine the experiences your company offers, tailoring it from the very feedback that the participants give—whether that be your employees, customers, or product users. From this insight, a company can better formulate future decisions as they move forward in the shifting economic grounds of 2022. 

Integrated Surveys

Using a multifaceted approach to engagement, SurveySparrow helps to tap into the heart of a company, which will always be its employees. With an employee portal that incorporates their proprietary 360-degree software, companies can gain rich data insights from an employee portal that is dedicated to each individual. Surveys are integrated into the functionality of the software, allowing employees to track all activities pertaining to their performance management and communicate with their employer when they need. The admin and managers can then also check the status of evaluations and tasks, opening a window to each employee’s current work bandwidth. This helps to generate a more transparent channel of communication between employers and employees. 

The portal also allows for companies to catalyze the personal growth and development of employees with 360 evaluations. The survey is divided into sections that cover key skills such as leadership, communication, ability to work in a team, staying organized, creativity, interpersonal skills, and alignment with the company. Businesses can then help to increase the productivity of their workforces by helping them become self-aware with holistic reports that help to paint the whole picture including strengths, weaknesses, blind spots, and any hidden strengths—all while remaining anonymous. Using this insight, managers can better guide their employees within their personal development plan with more personalized comments and notes and help them grow their place in the company and in their own personal careers. 

SurveySparrow Team

Finally, the SurveySparrow employee portal helps to handle recruitment, feedback, and all employer-to-employee activities in one place. The software imports the data that can be applied, repurposing feedback to help improve the company’s EX through more streamlined communications. By employing omnidirectional feedback to evaluate employees, companies and departments can equip their teams to function better, allowing a company to not only build a better work culture but to also help construct a group of happy, passionate employees.

Creating Middle Ground for EX

SurveySparrow goes beyond just collecting data with its versatile survey solutions to meet every need of a company, no matter what industry. When surveys ask the right questions and are integrated in the most applicable ways, data is not only ascertained but also simplified in a way that can lead to better action management. 

Survey Sparrow recently won G2’s 2022 Best Software Award on the Fastest Growing Product list. This is the company’s third consecutive time appearing on one of G2’s Best Software lists, thanks to its top market features that help businesses drive better engagement to uncover extremely valuable insights.

Through their intuitive interface, SurveySparrow sets companies up for success by refining experiences for both customers and employees from end to end.

​​Disclaimer: This article mentions a client of an Espacio portfolio company.


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