Internet permanence and posting online: A simple guide

Dude, don't post that
Dude, don't post that

With the volume of personal content we share online increasing at a staggering rate the issue of internet permanence and the question should I post this online becomes more relevant.

Every minute of everyday internet users upload 48 hours of video to YouTube, share 3,600 photos on Instagram, add 3,125 photos to Flickr, post over 100,00 tweets and share 684,478 individual pieces of content on Facebook.

With this increase in online sharing – augmented by its increased accessibility and the improved means of which to generate content – users must exercise their own form of quality assurance, self-vetting the content they post and thinking of any future consequences.

With nearly 80% of potential employers prepared to research a candidate’s online presence before making recruitment decisions, and 70% saying that they would reject a candidate due to inappropriate online postings, the question to post or not to post really can’t be ignored.

Below is a handy, and somewhat light-hearted, flow chart that should guide you through the process;

To post, or not to post?


  1. <3 that flow chart! But if I and all my friends took out every single one of the No-No posts….our walls would be bare! Guess that means I won’t get that job now then? Hehehe
    Have I uploaded the photo of what I had for dinner yet today? **smirks**

  2. Well, you’ll be 70% less likely to get it. Drunk pictures aren’t as bad as underdressed ones in the eyes of a potential employer, apparently. Bear that in mind!

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