Introducing Chirpstory, a tool that curates tweets into stories


Chirpstory is essentially a Twitter curation tool that enables users to compile and share collections of tweets on specific topics. The tool allows curators to easily pick and choose tweets to include on a particular topic, and to build a continuous, coherent narrative from these.

To begin curating users must first authenticate their Twitter account on the site. Once authenticated they can then search for particular keywords on Twitter, and drag specific tweets to their own timeline. There is also a Chrome extension available for this task.

Users can then add web images and video to the story. Once published the story can be shared with others, commented on, tagged, and even embedded on external websites.

Creating a 'lunar eclipse' story from @thesociable tweets in Chirpstory
Creating a 'lunar eclipse' story from @thesociable tweets in Chirpstory

Chirpstory is the international edition of Togetter, a Japenese tweet mashup service that has been very successful in Japan, boasting two million users.

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