Introducing The Sociable News Video Round UP

January 30, 2018


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The Sociable introduces its first-ever video round up hosted by our own Sam Brake Guia. For starters, we plan to release a video round up every two weeks.

In this round up, which you can also view on our YouTube channel, we cover what’s going on in the cannabis and cybersecurity industries, as well as a look into the benefits of sleep and mindfulness.

You may find the full stories for this week’s round up below:

1) Successful, sophisticated and stoned: changing perceptions of cannabis in the professional world

The growing acceptance and legalization of cannabis has opened a window of opportunity for many budding entrepreneurs, a community well known for its creativity, passion and tech-savvy business skills.

This was recently brought to light in the popular SubReddit r/AskReddit/. One user posted the question, “Successful people who smoke weed, how often do you smoke, what is your career, and how much do you make?” Within less than 14 hours the thread received more than 240 comments, with users sharing their stories regarding their work, their salary and their use of cannabis.

2) Funding for Cybeats’ cybersecurity comes at critical moment in cybercrime fight

Cybersecurity company Cybeats today announces it has raised a seed round of investment from iNovia Capital, Maple Leaf Angels (MLA48 II), and cybersecurity industry insiders Dr. Richard Reiner, Brian O’Higgins, and Brian Bourne.

Cybeats has been a member of the L-SPARK accelerator, which gives early stage Canadian SaaS companies the tools to scale their businesses. They’ll now use the funding to scale Cybeats’ sales team, to further develop new Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning capabilities for the Cybeats platform, and to expand the company’s services into APAC and EU markets.

3) Add this to your ‘To-Do list’ and fall asleep faster claims new research

 Findings show that participants who wrote a to-do list fell asleep quicker. On average it took them 15 minutes to fall asleep, compared with 25 minutes for those who wrote about their activities of the day.

We spoke with Julie Noyce, General manager of Bond, a company which lets you send handwritten notes from your phone or computer, who stated, “Whether you’re writing a to-do list, keeping a gratitude or dream journal, or writing a note to someone who has helped you find joy or success, writing is one of the best ways to bring focus to the positive things in your life. Numerous studies report that this kind of purpose-driven behavior can reduce feelings of hopelessness as well as increase levels of optimism. It’s a simple thing that you can do to be happier, and make the people around you happier, too!”


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