Is Google beginning to phase out old version of Analytics?

April 18, 2012


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Is the old version of Google Analytics soon to get the sunset treatment?

Is the old version of Google Analytics soon to get the sunset treatment?

Google appears to be phasing out the old version of Google Analytics. It recently removed the link to old version reporting that once stood prominently amongst the site’s utility links at the top of every page.

Sometime in the past few days, Google has removed the old version reporting link and instead placed it in the footer. While it’s still possible to view the old version of Analytics, it’s distinctly more difficult to do so.

It’s almost exactly one year since the new Google Analytics was made available to all and in all languages. We recently reported that Google Analytics is used on over 10 million websites.

While the new Analytics has brought some great improvements to an already great service, many Analytics users, including ourselves, often feel the need to delve back into the old version to find particular custom reports – although these can be migrated over. Another recently invalidated reason for returning to old version reporting is its ability to save and share PDF reports. However, the ability to email and export reports to PDF was introduced to the new version at the start of this month.

Since beta introduction in March of last year, the new Google Analytics has added features at a steady pace. In one year we’ve seen site speed reports, multi-channel funnels, real-time reports, flow visualisation and Google Analytics Premium introduced, among other features.

The old version of Google Analytics will inevitably be shut-down at some stage. This week’s changes bring us closer to that scary realisation.

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