Top 5 things to see on Google Street View Ireland

Newgrange on Google Street View
Newgrange on Google Street View
Newgrange on Google Street View
Newgrange on Google Street View

As you might have seen with our blanket coverage Google Street View was launched in Ireland today. The actual service will go live on Friday afternoon (although we have discovered a nice trick to allow you to use it before then).

So with the site now live (sort of) you might be wondering what there is to see, fear not we have the answer.

1. O’Connell Street
What better way to inaugurate your Irish street view experience by taking a trip down the main thoroughfare of our fair capital. The street was recorded at the height of summer and shows the capital’s main avenue shimmering in the sun. No doubt this will make the tourism board very happy (we here at The Sociable expect this to be embedded on their site in the near future).

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2. Your Home (& your mates’)
Google recorded over 82,000 kilometres (51,000 miles) of roads in Ireland (which is equal to about twice the circumfrance of the earth twice) so the chances are you will be able to pay your house a virtual visit. Or better yet, you will be able to spot your mates up to mischief. No peeking in the neighbours windows though.

3. Newgrange
The Street View car paid a quick visit to Newgrange (the oldest roofed building in the world, dont-ya-know). If you are particularly interested you can also visit Knowth and Dowth near by.

4. Galway City
Although most of the side streets and lane ways are not accessible the city’s rustic charms are a pleasure to explore on the site.

5. Election posters
Google recorded the majority of their Street View images of Ireland during the last general election. Visit any location around the capital and chances are your view will be obscured by election posters attached to every lamp post and electricity pole.

You can also drive past Leinster House, although unfortunately you cant drive into the gates.

Did you spot anything interesting on Street View? Got any suggestions, let us know.

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