Branching out your business: 5 simple tips for growth hacking your brand

September 25, 2016


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Globalization and rapid technological advances mean that the potential for profitable growth in business is higher than ever.

However, it does mean that you need to work a little harder to stay modern and up to date, part of this is regularly reinvigorating your brand to ensure you stay relevant. As long as you are open to change none of this will be a problem. Here is our top five tips for boosting your brand.

1. Consider Virtual Offices

A great way to bring your business into the modern day is to begin to utilize virtual offices. This means that you can have workers based anywhere they are needed but they can still remain connected to the company through the use of these spaces. These spaces can also be used to conference and easily work closely with clients that aren’t geographically close by.

2. Establish Your Goals

Next you need to establish exactly what it is your business provides and what market niche it fills. Often going back to the basics and acknowledging how far you have come since the business began is all the inspiration you need to put something new and exciting into your branding and development. The more clearly defined the company is the easier it is to market. This not only helps potential customers but also your staff, by clarifying their roles and what they are working towards. Your brand is defined by your service and your staff so a strong starting point will improve any endeavor. This step should be repeated whenever the business is taking on new kinds of work or if any other significant changes are taking place.

3. Define Your Ideal Client

Much like the step above, defining your ideal clients or target groups will help you to establish how and where to advertise. Once you have a specific market in mind you should start to tailor make add campaigns that will attract the kinds of business you want. If you don’t have the funding for multiple campaign designs or if your audience is very broad a more generalized approach to the advertising is a great way to start.

4. Plan and Implement Your Advertising

Once you have organised your ad campaigns you need to decide how and where you should advertise. A website is a great place to start but you should also capitalize on social media advertising and consider making blog posts as well. Don’t try and handle this side of things on your own unless it is your field of expertise because the difference between a well implemented campaign and a poor one can cost your business a lot of exposure. Depending on your goals for business you may also want to advertise on traditional media.

5. Stay Transparent

Finally it is vital to stay humble and transparent, your business is nothing without its clients. Your employees should always treat everyone who utilizes your service well. Always know the limits of your company’s capabilities so that you never agree to something that can’t be delivered. The success you may find will only come if you have the support of your entire staff and maintain true to the brand you have established.

Remember to always be aware of the changes happening in the world that have the potential to enhance the way you do business. Don’t too afraid of change and remain stagnant but rather, try to go with the flow so that you aren’t closed to opportunities that may come your way.

Alexandra Richards is an Australian business consultant, located in Malaysia. She takes a keen interest in business structures and work culture. Recently she has taken a particular interest in the benefit of having virtual offices to attract clients in Asia.



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