Twitter picks London over Dublin for its European offices

Twitter bird logo
Credit: Twitter

Twitter bird logo
Credit: Twitter
Dublin has lost out to London as Twitter’s European Headquarters.  The news came as Twitter announced that it will begin a recruitment drive in London this year for the opening of its European HQ in the West End of the city.

Ireland had been hoping to add to its collection of high profile U.S technology companies located in Dublin.  The city plays host to Amazon, Microsoft, Google and Twitter’s social networking rival Facebook.  

The announcement was made today following an article in the UK’s Sunday Telegraph which revealed that Twitter executives had met with estate agents (realtors) in London last week.

View Larger Map. Twitter may be located in the Old Street Roundabout area of London.

Twitter’s London office is set to open at the start of 2012 and will work under Katie Jacob Stanton, the company’s head of international strategy.  It is believed that the London bureau will be used as a sales and promotions office, although Twitter has not yet announced how many people it will employ.

All is not bad news for Dublin; this year Google expanded its operations the city to include two new buildings, including the country’s largest commercial building.

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