What in the world is Google+ doing to Google Maps?

Google maps' Google+ game

Google, ever the tease, has released this short video of a yet to be released Google Maps based Google+ Game.

The video doesn’t give much away; we don’t know if this will be a real world game operated through Google+ using Google Maps or if it’s going to be a more traditional social game.  But a few things make us think that Google wants us going out into the real world to play;

The tag-line, “Play with your world, like never before” suggests real world locations and some involvement with your social circles.

The Super Mario Galaxy-style ad shows a blue dot (presumable you) collecting various objects and points in real locations – such as earning points for meeting someone in a restaurant.  The ad also mentions Zagat (@zagat | Facebook | Google+), Google’s restaurant ratings and reviews site, so could it be that you earn points for doing various activities (rating restaurants, checking in to locations).

Google maps' Google+ game

What we do know is that the game is coming to Google+ in February.

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