Xbox Kinect now on sale in Ireland but already sold out

Xbox 360 with Kinect
Xbox 360 with Kinect
As Kinect is officially released most stores are already sold out
As Kinect is officially released most stores are already sold out

As Microsoft’s Kinect goes on sales across Ireland Irish gamers are already expecting to be disappointed as the gaming system has sold out in most major stores.

Smiths Toy stores have already sold out their initial shipment of Kinect stock as have HMV.  Argos Ireland does not list of the controller on the site while Xtra-Vision mention the controller but give no details.

The revolutionary controller which detects body movements without the need for the player to hold a Wii-style wiimote is expected to be a Christmas bestseller for Microsoft.

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A source in the retail industry expects the sale of Kinect systems to mirror the sale of Wii consoles in December 2006.

Nintendo was plagued by high demand and slow shipping schedules which left many gamers disappointed on Christmas morning.

Kinect is retailing for €150 although some shops such as Smiths are running games, console and controller bundles between €300 and €350.

Kinect games cost between €45 in Argos and €49 in Game.


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