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Twitter’s retro design still lives – here’s how to get it (again)

Classic Twitter design

Let me take you back in time, way back to December 2011; just before the time Twitter redesigned is website. Imagine if you could relive those days, imagine if you could see what your Twitter profile looked like with the site’s older design? Well, you can.

All you have to do is open Firefox and download the NoScript addon (this allows you to prevent JavaScript from executing) and then head over to  This will show you your tweets on the older Twitter site design. You can change thesociable to be any username you wish. is a Twitter IP address which still hosts the older design of the website.

So other than the retro appeal of seeing how your Twitter account looked in olden times of yore *ahem* what are the advantages? Well, for a start the 199 address gives you easy access to your profile’s RSS feed (we’ve covered Twitter RSS feeds before) – this was something that was removed when the latest design was released in December. Which we miss.

To do this just click on the RSS link on the right of the screen, under the list of people you’re following, and change the in the RSS feed’s address to

Classic Twitter design

Twitter's latest design

What’s interesting about viewing the older design and the new design together is looking at the emphasis that the new design places on media and discovery over followers and lists.

Now all we have to do is find the same trick for Google+

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