Dublin school replaces textbooks with iPads from September

August 29, 2011


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iPads will replace college books in Dublin’s St. Kevin’s College this September when the school year begins again, the college announced today.

iPad with iBooks


From September first year students in the Crumlin-based secondary/high school will pay €150 for an iPad, which will replace all of their textbooks.  Lessons will be given with the the devices and students will even do all their homework on them. The iPads’ content will be provided by edcoDigital, the digital arm of The Educational Company of Ireland.

And after five years they’ll get the keep them.

Blake Hodkinson, the principle of the college said, “I think this is the perfect solution to the cost of schoolbooks. It brings down the cost of schoolbooks by 40pc and works out cost neutral to the school. And parents at the end of it will have children who are more employable with great IT skills.”

And this is only the start, the college, which was established nearly 50 years ago plans to replace all textbooks by 2016.  There are currently seven schools in Ireland that are issuing iPads to students as part of their studies.


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