Fuelio Introduces Trip Log, Allowing Drivers to Record Their Daily Commuting Expenses

January 8, 2019


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Fuelio, the number one free gas consumption and cost tracking app for millions of users around the world, is adding a new driving distance tracking feature in its latest update, Fuelio 7.4 available on Android. The feature, called Trip Log, allows drivers to track distances for individual trips and have an even better overview of their expenses, coming especially in handy for business trips.

“It was the top requested feature from our users and it is suitable for all drivers who need to keep track of the distances they drive,“ said Adrian Kajda, Fuelio founder and current Product Manager at Sygic, the leading GPS navigation app that acquired Fuelio in 2015. “This includes freelancers, small business owners, taxi drivers or just enthusiasts like me – who want to know how much they drive and how much it costs them,” he added.

Trip Log also adds to Fuelio 7.4 a new smart feature called, Auto Start. It enables drivers to pair the app with any Bluetooth device in their car, which after being connected, will trigger the Trip Log to automatically begin recording trip data. When a driver finishes the ride and disconnects, tracking is automatically stopped and saved. All files can be stored in GPX format, which allows drivers to share and import them into other apps for easy reporting to employers.

Additionally, it allows drivers to create reports from each individual trip, export them to CSV format and send them to their employer by email or for use in tax deduction. The date range can be adjusted to a custom date range and category.

“What is interesting and makes this feature fun is that it allows you to see the real costs of daily trips like when you are commuting to your office, picking up your kids from kindergarten or doing the shopping for the weekend,” explained Kajda.

Fuelio, which is part of the top navigation vendor Sygic, enables drivers to monitor fuel costs and other expenses like services, car washes or parking in a highly customizable and user-friendly way. It is available in 45 languages for free for Android on Google Play.

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