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machine learning diseases

Machine learning will be able to predict diseases years before onset of symptoms

Daniel SanchezSeptember 11, 2017
road safety apps

Three startups making your time on the road safer and easier

Sam Brake GuiaSeptember 10, 2017
world news
Social Media

Has technology broken the media? How valuable content can triumph over fake news

Ben AllenSeptember 9, 2017
children play technology

The importance of play for children and how technology can help

Sam Brake GuiaSeptember 9, 2017
Studies Show AI Is The Gift That Keeps On Giving - The Sociable

Studies show AI is the gift that keeps on giving

Sam Brake GuiaSeptember 8, 2017
data monetization
Data Security

Companies make millions selling your data, why not sell it yourself?

Nicolas WaddellSeptember 8, 2017
data security
Data Security

Personal information of over 140 million US citizens has been leaking for a month

Omar ElorfalySeptember 8, 2017
VR games

VR Games need to be fun if they’re going to catch on

Ben AllenSeptember 7, 2017
How and Why Hackers Are Targeting Our hospitals - The Sociable

How and why hackers are targeting our hospitals

Luke TaylorSeptember 7, 2017
surge pricing

Laws, loopholes, and lamentations of surge pricing

Sam Brake GuiaSeptember 7, 2017
it outsourcing and offshore teams

Top IT companies ranked worldwide: How to win the offshore gamble

Nicolas WaddellSeptember 7, 2017
fintech latam

FinTech Conference LatAm starts in Lima today

Luke TaylorSeptember 7, 2017