Social-Driven Communication Trends Innovating Startups Near You

February 8, 2018


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Startups operate in high paced, competitive market places. They are creating innovative products, developing new services and responding to evolving customer demands.

If you can count on anything in a successful startup, it’s rapid change. With millennials making their impact on how and where startups are growing, the communication channels have also evolved. Here are the top communication trends that startups are leveraging for successful launch and growth.

Work Chat Solutions

Startups are increasingly relying on chatting programs to communicate with teams. As we have seen the shift from voice to text in our personal lives (over the years for some of us), businesses are chatting to get instant feedback, troubleshooting and problem solving solutions.

If your startup is still using emails to have small conversations, try a business chat platform. It will dramatically change how your organization interacts. Most importantly, it’s making other startups accelerate their communications. It can do the same for you too.

Live Video Streams

After the introduction of Facebook Live Streams, the video streaming solutions have gone from social to enterprise. Startups are sharing information, experiences and events in live videos. They are used to communicate with customers, clients, partners and employees. All of a sudden, your small company get together turns in to a live stream that gets shared with your customers, turning into a killer marketing video.

The power of live videos are just beginning to make their real impact on how startups operate.  

Internal Social Networks

Building on the live videos, startups have gone as far as implementing their own internal social network. These social platforms create a safe environment for employees, administration and executives to share information.

The Infor CEO Charles Phillips, one of the largest startups in the world, uses and internal business software with social communication. Since startups are in a growth driven environment, following and sharing information quickly can be done at a new rate with internal business software platforms.

Fast Track Ideas

With all the flow of ideas, a rising communication trend is the identification and fast tracking of ideas. Using a data driven approach, team members can vote on ideas to share with the executive team. Or, there is a direct line of contact to the executive team to offer ideas for growth.

In either case, startups are prioritizing the importance of employee feedback and idea generation using idea management platforms to implement quickly. Of course, a quick turn around to implement new products and services can make a huge difference in the success of your startup too.

Artificial Intelligence

More excitingly, startups are investing in artificial intelligence that can assist customers and employees. Similar to Siri or Alexa assistants, cutting edge startups are using the same AI technology to service customers, find information for employees or deliver insights to sales reps. With the added productivity offered by AI, businesses can leverage data in new ways to achieve their objectives.

Overall, the communication industry is changing rapidly, and startups are adapting those changes quickly. In many cases, they are implementing socially driven communication models quicker than enterprise companies with chat systems and live video sessions. Moreover, their internal social networks are building organizational knowledge while creating clear channels for the best ideas to reach leadership. Moreover, all of these communications are increasingly reliant on artificial intelligence. Combined, these trends will continue to mix social and business communication to drive innovation at today’s startups.


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