Who uses crowdsourcing more creatively, Americans or Europeans?

July 5, 2011


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Is America more creative than Europe or is Asia a hotbed of design talent?  Well, according to this infographic by theBlur Group Europe is leading the world in crowdsourced creativity.

According to theBlur Group, a leading London based crowdsourcing creative agency which connects creative individuals with companies looking for design talent, one in three of their creatives comes from Europe while one in four comes from the US with another one in four from the UK alone.

The company says that the 11,000 creative professionals signed up to the service come from 70% of the world’s countries (that leaves just 66 counties, including the world’s newest country South Sudan, without a representative).  And by 2012 they will have 14,000 professionals signed up to the site uploading over 500 images a month.

Click the image to view a larger version.blurGroup Creative Map


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Piers Dillon Scott

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