Australians risk arrest in their fight for freedom against vaccine passports, lockdowns

August 30, 2021


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Australians all over the country are risking arrest to fight for their freedoms against vaccine passports and government lockdowns as mandatory electronic check-ins merge with proof of vaccination.

“You must stay home. Only leave your home if you have a reasonable excuse” — Greater Sydney Restrictions, August, 2021

In parts of Australia, people are not allowed to travel more than five kilometers from their homes, and they face arrest for the crime of being in public without a reasonable excuse.

Protesting the loss of freedom at the hands of the government is illegal under Australia’s current public health orders, and the police are threatening mass arrests for thousands of demonstrators.

With military helicopters corralling citizens from above as if they were livestock, the Australian government has unofficially implemented Martial Law throughout the land to enforce its lockdown policies.

Now that regional governments are merging contact tracing check-in with proof of vaccination, an individual’s access to places, goods, and services will soon be granted or restricted based on vaccination status.

The people of Australia are rising up in the thousands, and truck drivers throughout the land have organized a strike in protest of the mandatory vaccinations and lockdowns.

And with Australia buying 60 million doses of the Pfizer vaccine for 2022 and 25 million doses for 2023, there is very little indication that the “public health” measures will abate anytime soon.

On top of that, Australia is building multiple quarantine camps for incoming travelers: one is already operational and there are several slated for completion in 2022.

Mandatory check-ins are morphing into systems of digital identity and social credit in Australia where vaccine passports are now being merged with contacting tracing apps, and the people are rising up against government restrictions.

“Australians all let us rejoice, for we are one and free” — Australian National Anthem

In Australia, the list of activities that require electronic check-ins for contact tracing is enormous, and when combined with the coming vaccine passports, the government is slowly building a system of social credit in which the people are either rewarded or punished based on the data and credentials recorded in their digital identities.

To gain a better perspective on the scope and scale of the resistance, here’s a visual look at the pro-freedom demonstrations taking place across Australia, followed by a deeper dive into the rules and regulations surrounding mandatory electronic check-ins and how they are morphing into systems of digital identity and social credit with the merger of vaccine passports.

Australians Rise Up Against Government Lockdowns, Vaccine Passports

As of today, 27.42 percent of all Australians are “fully vaccinated,” according to the latest figures published in The Guardian.

The Australian government says it will end lockdowns only when 80 percent of the population has been fully jabbed.

But the term “fully vaccinated” is a moving goal post, and since Australia has already ordered booster shots for the next two years, the number of jabs a citizen would have to take in order to participate in society in the years to come remains unclear.

The people have had enough, and Australians all over the country are risking arrest to fight for their freedoms.

Australians petitioning the government for a redress of grievances are beaten and arrested in the name of public health.

A man on horseback was filmed encouraging people to cross over the QLD — NSW border, shouting, “Cross over! They cannot arrest all of us!”

Based on tips from social media posts, authorities are going door-to-door in Australia asking people if they are aware of any protests taking place while reminding them that protesting is illegal.

Some Australians are not having any of it, exercising noncompliance to police interrogations.

Meanwhile, truckers, aka “truckies,” are staging a nationwide strike intended to grind the nation to a halt.

New South Wales MP Craig Kelly gave his full support to the truckies’ protest, saying, “They don’t deserve to have their jobs threatened by COERCION.”

Former NBA star Andrew Bogut recently came forward to reveal he had been offered money last year to promote compliance to the government lockdowns.

“I got offered money to put out a public service announcement for you everyday plebs to stay home […] I refused to do that shit,” said Bogut.

“Whether you’re an actor, an actress, sports star, an influencer from getting a nice boob job and looking good — I don’t care — whoever you are, why don’t we hear you speaking up?” Bogut asked, adding that most celebrities in Australia had been “muzzled” from speaking out against government restrictions.

New South Wales Mandatory Check-ins Merge with Vaccine Passports

New South Wales (NSW), Australia is merging its contact tracing check-in app with proof of vaccination, which is the latest step towards unofficially implementing full-on digital identity schemes where social credit is the new normal.

The Service NSW app is growing its list of “features” to include an individual’s vaccination status, and the app has all the hallmark features of a digital identity scheme that is used to determine who has access to places, goods, and services.

Service NSW app Features

Service NSW app Features

These features include:

  • COVID Safe Check-in [for contact tracing]
  • COVID-19 resources
  • Digital licenses
  • Driver licenses verifier
  • Vehicle registration checks and renewal
  • Fines and demerits
  • Proof of vaccination [ANNOUNCED]

“Many businesses are required by law to collect your details (name, phone number and/or email) to assist NSW Health with contact tracing,” according to the NSW portal.

The New South Wales mandatory check-ins apply to:

  • amusement centers
  • aquariums
  • business premises
    • an occupation, profession or trade is carried on for the provision of services directly to members of the public on a regular basis,
    • or a service is provided directly to members of the public on a regular basis
    • premises that were previously required to ensure customers check-in, such as auction houses, nail salons, beauty salons, hairdressing salons, waxing salons, tanning salons, spas, tattoo parlors and massage parlors, are still included
  • childcare centers (but not the children who attend the service)
  • construction sites
  • crematoria
  • drive-in cinemas
  • entertainment facilities
  • function centers
  • hospitality venues:
    • casinos
    • food and drink premises
    • micro-breweries, small distilleries holding a drink on-premises authorization under the Liquor Act 2007 and cellar door premises
      pubs, small bars and registered clubs
  • hospitals (excluding where the hospital has an electronic entry recording system)
  • hotel or motel accommodation (excluding residents or overnight guests who have checked in)
  • industrial premises used for
    • manufacturing, production, assembling, altering, formulating, repairing, renovating, ornamenting, finishing, cleaning, washing, dismantling, transforming, processing, recycling, adapting or servicing of, or the research and development of, any goods, substances, food, products or articles for commercial purposes, and includes any storage or transportation associated with the activity, or
    • handling, treating, production, processing, storage or packing of animal or plant agricultural products for commercial purposes
      information and education facilities
  • nightclubs
  • office premises, where administrative, clerical, technical, professional or similar activities are carried out (but not dealing with members of the public directly)
  • Parliament House
  • party buses
  • places of public worship
  • preschools (but not the students)
  • properties operated by the National Trust or the Historic Houses Trust
  • public swimming pools
  • recreation facilities (indoor)
  • recreation facilities (major)
  • Residential care facilities or hostels, but not residents
  • retail premises (including premises that hire items or goods or sell wholesale)
  • school, university or other educational institutions (excluding students entering the school)
  • sex on premises venues, being restricted premises where sex between patrons is permitted on the premises
  • sex services premises
  • shopping centers
  • storage premises
  • strip clubs
  • vehicles used as taxis or hire vehicles
  • vessels used for hosting functions or for commercial tours
  • warehouse or distribution centers
  • zoological parks and reptile parks.

The NSW Police may issue on-the-spot fines to individuals of “$5,000 [~$3,655 USD] for failure to comply with the obligation to answer questions asked by a contact tracer, provide your name and contact details to a contact tracer, and provide true and accurate information to a contact tracer.”

Queensland Mandatory Check-in Rules

Like NSW, Queensland (QLD) has an extensive list of places that require mandatory check-ins.

Failure to comply with public health directions can result in six months imprisonment.

Queensland businesses and activities that require check-ins include:

  • venues that attract large crowds, such as stadiums, convention centers, theme parks, concert venues and cinemas
  • shopping centers and supermarkets
  • beauty and personal care service, such as hairdressing, beauty therapy and nail services
  • indoor events, such as cultural festival and expos
  • outdoor events, such as fun runs and fetes
  • leisure and recreation facilities, such as gyms, health clubs, indoor sports facilities and indoor pools
  • short-term residential facilities such as hotels, boarding houses and short-term holiday rentals
  • outdoor recreation, such as caravan parks, camping areas, zoos and aquariums
  • public-facing government services, such as customer service counters in government buildings, galleries, museums, libraries and community centers such as recreation halls
  • weddings, funerals and places of worship (only required if indoor)
  • higher education institutions, such as universities, TAFEs and registered training organizations
  • adult entertainment venues
  • hospitals, residential aged care, disability service accommodation (applies to visitors, volunteers and contractors, not staff or patients/residents).

As customers, Queenslanders are obligated to provide their contact information, and business have the right to refuse entry if contact information is not provided.

Majority of Australians believe vaccination should be an individual choice

A recent Resolve Political Monitor survey of 1,607 people shows that 51 percent of Australian voters believe that vaccination should be an individual choice while 48 percent believe vaccinations should be mandatory.

Australia Vaccine Passport poll

An editorial from The Sunday Age suggests that those who support mandatory vaccination and vaccine passports are “growing weary of reduced freedoms.”

If that were really the case, and by that logic, then 48 percent of Australian voters could be likened to bullied school kids who’d prefer to keep giving up their proverbial lunch money in the hope that it will all go away rather than stand-up to their tormenters.

Knowing full-well that the COVID injections have never been proven to prevent human-to-human transmission, governments around the world are making it next to impossible for citizens to live a normal life without some type of health passport.

By coercing, manipulating, and incentivizing individuals to show their papers everywhere they go, nations around the world are quickly becoming police states, and they are looking more like Communist China by the day.

Contact Tracing Check-ins + Vaccine Passports —> Digital Identity —> Social Credit System

Mandatory vaccinations and digital health passports have almost nothing to do with public health and everything to do with social control through digital identity schemes that determine which goods and services a citizen can access.

As Truth Talk UK reports, “The drive to get as many people jabbed as possible is not about the jab in itself. But it’s about getting as many people signed up to vaccine passports as possible and the more people who have their vaccine passports then the more viable the shift towards digital identity becomes transporting their credentials into a new digital id wallet, just like the EU have plans for.”

Once vaccine passports are normalized into digital identity schemes, they can be used for any given “crisis,” such as another deadly virus, climate change, or obesity.

From there, digital identities can be extended to all walks of life with restrictions on what you can buy, where you can travel, what information you are allowed to receive, and other goods and services you wish to access.

WEF Great Reset Digital ID

Image Source: World Economic Forum

There will always be a new emergency ripe for exploitation.

When a person’s freedom is dependent upon what their digital identity says about them, what you have is an authoritarian social credit system.

The world is now at a tipping point where public and private sector overreach regarding mandatory proof of vaccination and health status is the abhorrent new normal, but resistance to the globalist great reset ideology and build back better agenda is growing by the millions.

Australia is part of the growing list of countries all over the world where citizens are rising up against vaccine passports and government-imposed lockdowns.

Citizens all over the world are rising up against vaccine passports, lockdowns

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Your digital identity can be used against you in the event of a great reset


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