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Facebook chooses Microsoft over Google to power new Timeline maps feature

Maps on Facebook
Maps on Facebook

Facebook has chosen Microsoft’s Bing Maps over Google Maps to power new mapping features on its visually improved Timeline profile page. The new Timeline profile places greater emphasis on location-aware postings, with Facebook once again partnering with Microsoft rather than Google – arguably a greater competitor.

Facebook’s Timeline profile displays location information, where available, alongside events, check-ins and photos. A Maps section also displays all this location information on a single map.

Maps on Facebook
Maps on Facebook

This isn’t the first such collaboration between Facebook and Microsoft either. In 2009, Bing began to power search on Facebook, and earlier this year Bing began displaying Facebook data in its search results. Users of Windows Live Messenger can chat and message Facebook friends directly within Microsoft’s product. Also, Skype now powers video chat on Facebook – the company which Microsoft acquired in May for $8.5 billion.

Microsoft is a fitting partner for Facebook. The partnership, which is based on mutual benefit, enables both companies to compete with Google at a higher level.


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