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Google secures patent for driverless cars

Google has been awarded a US patent which would allow them to bring self-driving cars to the road. It originally filed for the patent in May. The patent allows for the switching between a human driven mode and one in which a vehicle would drive itself.
Google's executive chairman Eric Schmidt. Credit: dsearls on Flickr

Even Google’s chairman Eric Schmidt is complaining about Irish broadband

While the current state of broadband infrastructure in Ireland in nothing short of disgraceful, it’s a relief somewhat to hear that a person held in such regard as Google’s executive chairman Eric Schmidt thinks so too. Speaking in Dublin yesterday, Schmidt stated how Ireland is “behind” on the roll-out of acceptable broadband and that Irish taxpayer’s money would be better invested in broadband “that serves the citizens”.
Google Executive Chairman Eric Schmidt. Credit:

Google to launch Groupon competitor later today

Eric Schmidt, Executive Chairman at Google, has announced that Google’s new Groupon competitor Google Offers will launch later today, Wednesday. Schmidt made the announcement at the D9 Conference in Rancho Palos Verdes, California, which will initially launch in Portland only.