Dare to be Digital 2012

Dare to be Digital games development competition launches in Ireland

The Irish leg of the global Dare to be Digital games development competition has been launched today in Ireland by the Digital Hub Development Agency (DHDA). Successful applicants will spend nine weeks in Dundee, Scotland this summer receiving mentoring from games experts like Sega, Sony and Rockstar while developing a prototype video game.
Connaught is clearly missing from this map of Ireland in Google Analytics

Mystery as Irish province disappears from Google Analytics

While trawling through Google Analytics earlier, as every self-respecting webmaster should, I noticed something slightly odd when viewing location data for Ireland; Connaught is missing. Galway, Leitrim, Mayo, Roscommon and Sligo, all gone! This is certainly a mistake on Google's part, although some have quipped that this may be yet another condition of Ireland's EU/IMF deal. Selling off Connaught should just about cover Ireland's debt, right?
Image of last total lunar eclipse which occurred in December 2010

Longest total lunar eclipse in 11 years will turn moon blood red tonight

The longest total lunar eclipse since 2000 will begin to occur this evening and last until midnight, providing stargazers a rare opportunity to catch this prolonged wonderful spectacle. The eclipse begins at 6.24pm (IST) this evening, although it will not be properly visible until sunset at around 9.55pm tonight, at which stage the moon will turn blood red in colour.