DARPA’s neurotech research resonates with Tesla’s acoustic mind control

virtual human on brain delta wave form 3d illustration , represent meditation and deep sleep therapy.

DARPA’s research into brain-computer interfaces (BCIs) using sound waves resonates with Nikola Tesla’s idea that the entire mental system of humankind could be controlled electronically.

“If you want to find the secrets of the universe, think in terms of energy, frequency and vibration”
Nikola Tesla

The Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency (DARPA) is pursuing a range of minimally-invasive approaches that use optics, acoustics, and electromagnetics to record neural activity and/or send signals back to the brain at high speed and resolution.

DARPA’s Next-Generation Nonsurgical Neurotechnology (N3) program, which launched last year, just awarded funding to six organizations on May 20.

DARPA Wants ‘Telepathic’ Soldiers

Tesla once said:

Nikola Tesla
Nikola Tesla

“Our entire biological system – the brain and the earth itself – work on the same frequencies.”

“If we can control that resonate system electronically, we can directly control the entire mental system of humankind.”

Now compare what Tesla said about controlling the entire mental system of humankind electronically with some of the technologies that DARPA’s N3 program is pursuing:

  • A device that uses an acousto-optical approach to record from the brain and interfering electrical fields to write to specific neurons using ultrasound waves to guide light into and out of the brain to detect neural activity.
  • An acousto-magnetic device for writing to the brain that pairs ultrasound waves with magnetic fields to generate localized electric currents for neuromodulation.
  • magneto-genetic approach to make neurons sensitive to magnetic fields.
  • An integrated device that uses focused ultrasound for writing to neurons.

According to DARPA, these “interfaces could ultimately enable diverse national security applications such as control of active cyber defense systems and swarms of unmanned aerial vehicles, or teaming with computer systems to multitask during complex missions.”

The individual devices can also be combined to provide the ability to interface to multiple points in the brain at once.

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DARPA wants soldiers to use BCIs to augment their own abilities — essentially communicating telepathically with machines through various frequencies, including sound waves which convert into electrical signals.

According to the National Institute of Health (NIH), “Sounds enter the ear as sound waves. These create vibrations on our eardrum that are transformed into electrical signals. The electrical signals travel up the auditory nerve to the brain’s auditory cortex. This brain area interprets the sound into something we recognize and understand.”

Can the Tech Be Reversed to Control Humans?

According to a 2018 study in the International Journal of Social Work and Human Services Practice, “Sound vibrations can affect us either positively or negatively, entering into our being, via the physical, mental and emotional realms, thereby affecting our consciousness as a whole.”

But can frequency-based technology also be used to control people’s minds, soldiers or otherwise? Tesla, would argue, “Yes!”

However, DARPA is telling the public that this technology is more like a continuation of centuries of military innovation such as the invention of the helmet, kevlar, or GPS.

“Just as service members put on protective and tactical gear in preparation for a mission, in the future they might put on a headset containing a neural interface, use the technology however it’s needed, then put the tool aside when the mission is complete,” said N3 Program Manager Dr. Al Emondi, in a statement.

“If N3 is successful, we’ll end up with wearable neural interface systems that can communicate with the brain from a range of just a few millimeters, moving neurotechnology beyond the clinic and into practical use for national security,” he added.

To enable future non-invasive brain-machine interfaces, N3 researchers at DARPA are working to develop solutions that address challenges such as the physics of scattering and weakening of signals as they pass through skin, skull, and brain tissue, as well as designing algorithms for decoding and encoding neural signals that are represented by other modalities such as light, acoustic, or electro-magnetic energy.

Humans and the Earth Share the Same Frequency

Let us continue with what Tesla said about frequencies:

  • “Alpha waves in the human brain are between 6 and 8 hertz. The wave frequency of the human cavity resonates between 6 and 8 hertz.
  • “All biological systems operate in the same frequency range.
  • “The human brain’s alpha waves function in this range and the electrical resonance of the earth is between 6 and 8 hertz.
  • “Thus, our entire biological system – the brain and the earth itself – work on the same frequencies.
  • “If we can control that resonate system electronically, we can directly control the entire mental system of humankind.”

Whereas DARPA has been researching brain-computer interfaces that require surgery, the N3 program, which was announced last year, looks to minimally-invasive frequencies and vibrations such as sound waves, light, and electromagnetism for its BCIs.

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“By creating a more accessible brain-machine interface that doesn’t require surgery to use, DARPA could deliver tools that allow mission commanders to remain meaningfully involved in dynamic operations that unfold at rapid speed,” said Dr. Emondi.

Everything is Vibration

vibrational waves transform industries
Cymatic evidence that vibrational waves form patterns in nature

There once lived a man in Australia, Peter Davey, who claimed to be able to boil water using only vibration. He has since passed on, but his story was documented by local news stations.

If his project turns out to be true, it will coincide with the latest research out of the UK that uses vibrational waves for purposes of thermoelectricity.

Everything in nature vibrates to a certain frequency, and there is evidence to suggest that vibration gives form to matter.

This is done through the study of cymatics where materials such as sand, salt, or fluids are placed over a speaker, and these materials begin to take on complex, geometrical forms depending on the frequency.

Through studying cymatics, one can find the origins of well-known shapes in geometry such as the flower of life lattice, the six-pointed “Star of David,” the tetrahedron, and many forms that appear in nature like the pinecone or the wings of a dragonfly.

Check out the below video, but keep the volume low, to see cymatics in action:

Singing the Universe into Being

By changing the vibrational waves, matter begins to form, and there are many mythologies that suggest that this process is what formed our universe — “In the beginning was the word…” and the word was sound.

In many ancient cultures, it is believed that the world was “sung” into creation. To the indigenous people of Australia, a songline, also called a dreaming track, is one of the paths across the land (or sometimes the sky) which mark the route followed by localised “creator-beings” during what was known as “dream time.” The paths of the songlines are recorded in traditional songs, stories, dance, and painting.

In other words, the songs were sung to mimic the path of creation in the time before time, where the creators sang the world into being.

According to “Emu Dreaming: An Introduction to Australian Aboriginal Astronomy,” the Yolngu people of Arnhem Land in the Northern Territory tell the story of Barnumbirr, a creator-being associated with the planet Venus, who came from the island of Baralku in the East, guiding the first humans to Australia, and then flew across the land from East to West, naming and creating the animals, plants, and natural features of the land.

South African researcher, author, and advocate of the Ubuntu movement, Michael Tellinger, believes that 200,000+ year-old stone circles in Africa that cover more than 450,000 sq km are not cattle kraals (because there are no entrances or exits), as is the common theory, but rather formations based on sacred (fixed) geometry, which has its roots in vibration, which can be visualized through cymatics.

According to Tellinger:

“Everything we observe is simply different densities of vibrational resonant frequencies. I call it ‘The fractal-multi-dimentional-toroidal-nature of reality.’ As above, so below. There is no end to the frequencies above and below. It is an infinite continuum that keeps spiraling to an unimaginable, unfathomable, infinity. And if there is an end to this seemingly creative spiral spirit, it is there that we will find GOD and the source-code for everything.”

This suggests that in the ancient past, somebody created these structures to resonate at certain frequencies. What the purpose was is anyone’s guess, and among the suggestions include the theory that these circles acted as nodes in a type of ancient energy grid that covered the entire Earth at one time, and that the frequencies had a profound effect on human consciousness in the remote past.


  1. Unfortunately I am a unwilling participant in this research for 7 years now, it’s too bad they destroy our families while doing this research and illegally anaylise every thought we think…use direct energy weapons on about every muscle in our bodies etc etc.

    1. I am a target of this. They have tortured me, humiliation is what their doing after collect my thoughts. I did not sign up to be tortured. I did not sign up period. They have put voices into my head. The government has to be behind this, it’s to high tech for any other parties to do it

  2. Unfortunately I am a unwilling participant in this research for 7 years now, it’s too bad they destroy our families while doing this research and illegally anaylise every thought we think…use direct energy weapons on about every muscle in our bodies mostly done with artificial intelligence.

  3. I experienced someone using this equipment on me in Northern Virginia between March 2019 through July 2019. There were times that equipment interfered with my heart rhythm. I was also threatened by focused heat around 4-6″ in diameter because I was making fun of the operator. I made a coil to interfere with the A/C voltage frequency manipulations against the heart rhythm interference the satellite seemed to use a infra red light spectrum type device I also was threatened with the build up of bad ionic gases like a heavy cloud. That helped the A/C voltage effect your heart rhythm. The mind communication part is annoying after understanding that there computer is full of errors when they get people on it they get personal others seem not to give a fuck. It seems that it is a two way street with people. They get scared. I believe this equipment is getting in the wrong hands. It seems to be a Billionaire toy for dummies trying to manipulate justice and court decisions. I have spoken to Lawyers that experienced the same problems. I have a background in electronics I know that I experienced someone screwing around with equipment. I know the characteristics of EMF working with old fashioned power transformers.

    1. Contact me please bc ive been tortured for over 6 years! Its being used here in mississippi as drone training. Local law enforcement have been involved as far as even covering up the arson of my home which my ex husband had burned to the ground! Our children were also attacked when they allowed a 16 year old control of their equipment& she intentionally trued to murder all 3 of us one night before somebody could intervene & stop her. I by the grace of God just so happened to take a $5 mp3 player with me the day that my house was burned that i had saved undeniable evidence if this to but who’s going to listen bc when i calked the FBI, they sent the same local police to check me out!!! But now im suffering from heart failure in the 3rd of 4 stages.

    1. 678 276 9129. 51 Ridge Row Dr. Apt. 205 Cartersville Ga. 30120. I am experiencing same satellite harassment and would greatly appreciate some help. Thank you

  4. 678 276 9129. 51 Ridge Row Dr. Apt. 205 Cartersville Ga. 30120. I am experiencing same satellite harassment and would greatly appreciate some help. Thank you

  5. Honestly I hadn’t thought of ever using something to take away someone’s ability to choose in life, until this happened to me. Remote neural monitoring is real deal. I’m getting fucked up by it or was. It’s off and on. I have so many details I don’t know where to begin. It is two way. They can possess you especially if you can be provoked using fear or anger. Zen yourself out. Fuck these people. I’m that dude. Anyway if you want explicit details on what’s happening I am pleased to offer. I am concerned about people who are potential victims as well considering doing crime using another person’s body is scary and extremely fucked up. This was heavily used during political riots before the election. Be careful and know yourself. In the end what is worth sacrificing for? Belief systems matter with helping push against the criminal insinuations and criminal emotional cravings that otherwise was never in my nature before. A plot regarding my family over inherited money and the members that misused government association to bury me when they never needed to.

  6. I believe that the local law enforcement agencies are behind my experience. By interfacing with Facebook they actually create voices of the people I am friends with. I do however have to applaud their efforts as they are using it as an intervention tool for addiction. Very strange experience for me as I have been a subject for 9 months now and have seemingly mastered control of my own participation.

  7. They not only can control you thoughts but what you think or feel especially emotions.there two biggest are fear and rage.but not stopping there your sex thoughts dreams ,and completely erase what you’ve beenh through when they want.there goal is to control through isolation,intimidition,intimidationextortion and most particularly by what the mob used to do, say something intimidating like be shame to see nice car like that give you a dead battery, always to someone within your hearing next you have a dead battery. After awhile the Paranoia sometimes they do something,sometimes not, you get the picture ,fear Paranoia,anger rage there creating and they think repeat think there’s no one who will believe you ,so there a ghost they can I repeat can and will injure or you or kill a family member for fear control. There intent is to control anybody they please and shortly that will be in compleat control of every one.They can and will plant thoughts in friends relatives of frustration,anger depression all coming back to you weather you stay isolated or as happy you can they will trash that within second ringing in ears followed by confusion followed by sneezing nose dripping like a faucet but don’t worry another takeover pipedream like hitlers,japan,this time is there last time though and believe me they don’t care if your white,black yellow brown,democrat,republican,communist,Democrat,Marxist weather your christan,jewish,muslum Hindu or Buddhism there goal is completely takeover the whole place and control all outcomes. How do you like my honesty now you alien prick. Yea mother f——
    I know you reading and knowing this i don’t give a rats ass prick

  8. I’m Donnie I’m going through a similar experience.out of council bluffs iowa.omaha nebraska.i don’t know how or when they targeted me for explotation .feel my grasp slipping on my life and brain function.

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