Hangout: Start-up accelerators & getting media coverage

September 29, 2012


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Last night we caught up with Eric Strait (@matchlites) from Tech Hustlers for our second Week in Tech Google Hangout. Moving on from last week’s Social Networking for start-ups discussion we have a look at supports for entrepreneurs (and how they differ) as well as how to pitch your business to the media and bloggers (what not to do).

But before we have a look at those topics we take a look at the significant tech stories this past week – including why EU citizens have better Facebook security than US citizens…

For easy navigation we’ve split the video into four sections and embedded these as chapters below.

The obligatory Apple Maps discussion

We had to start with the fiasco that is Apple Maps.  This is something that we covered on the site last week – primarily because Apple decided to place an Airport in a residential area in Dublin (as well as moving Dublin Zoo into the centre of the city).

While Apple Maps is a PR nightmare for Apple it could become something much worse.  We are now so dependent on mapping applications that inaccurate data could quite simply be dangerous.  What if you are looking for a hospital and Apple Maps has misplaced one or has doesn’t show one where one exists?

Why do Europeans have better Facebook security than Americans or Canadians?

Last week the Irish Data Protection Commissioner (DPC), representing European Data Protection Offices, released a report into Facebook’s management of user security and privacy.  The DPC raised several issues with Facebook and following a nine month review found that Facebook has successfully implemented most of the changes that it wanted and was working to make the remaining changes.

Why this is report is interesting for people outside of the EU is that it highlights how Facebook has been collecting user’s data.

The state of start-ups in Dublin and Austin

Next up we have a look at the state of start-ups in Dublin and Austin.  In Dublin I have a look at HealthXL, a health technology accelerator being run by the Dublin branch of Startupbootcamp.  The organisers are looking for international applications from entrepreneurs and start-ups working in the health technology sector to take part in an intensive three month programme to develop their business for investment.

Eric talks about the supports for start-ups in the Austin area, including Capital Factory, and the different kinds of supports that they offer entrepreneurs.  One of the topics we talk about is the different approaches different incubators take – it is important to match the right incubator’s ethos to your way of working and to the supports that you might need.

From there we look at the dos and don’ts of getting some media coverage of your start-up

How to pitch your start-up to the media

Discussing the state of the start-up media in Austin and Dublin Eric and myself have a look at how to pitch your start-up the media.  Is the traditional media more valuable than online media when it comes to promoting your new business (we have a certain preference for online media)?  We also look at the mistakes you shouldn’t make when you want to get some coverage for your company.

We’ll be having a look at some more in the near future (so if you have any questions ask them in the comments below).

We’ll be back next week for some more discussions of starts and technology.


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Ajit Jain

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