The science (and magic) of Santa Claus – a special report

December 24, 2010


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Image of Santa Claus via Wikipedia

Santa uses a mixture of science and magic to deliver presents to the world’s children in just one night according to a special report by RTÉ, Ireland’s national broadcaster.

Listen to RTÉ’s special report about Santa Claus on their website here.

According to RTÉ’s report Santa used advanced physics to “inhabit multiple universes” to quicken his delivery of millions of presents. To further help in his delivery Santa will travel around the world from the North to the South Pole stopping off at each country at the way.

Speaking on the report Santa himself said that children should not be worried that the snow will prevent him from delivering presents across the world but will help him.  It will, in fact, help his sleigh land on roofs across Ireland, the UK and USA.

You can follow Santa’s journey across the world here using Google Earth and NORAD.

Follow Santa online using Google Earth and NORAD


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