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Home screen of the RTÉ Player app on the iPad

RTÉ Player app for iPhone and iPad arrives in time for Christmas

As promised by RTÉ's director of platform development Aisling McCabe at October's Dublin Web Summit, the RTÉ Player app for the iPhone and iPad has been released in time for Christmas. The universal iOS app made its way through Apple's App Store approval process last weekend, and was made available for free download as of this morning.
Full screen image viewing

Facebook debuts its long-awaited iPad app

Facebook's long-awaited iPad app is finally available to download in the App Store, and yes, this time it's for real. The app looks very similar to the one that was accidentally leaked in July, with full screen photo viewing placing an emphasis on media consumption.
iPhone and iPad Mobile MIM image

Diagnosis by iPad, FDA approves medical iOS App

Star Trek style medical scanners took a step closer to becoming reality this week following the United States’ Food and Drug Administration’s approval of a smartphone App that will allow medical professionals to scan and access medical images for use in patient diagnoses.
App Store category statistics

Apple App Store statistics [Infographic]

App of the Day, a site that features a community-nominated iOS app everyday, have released an interesting infographic on app statistics. The infographic visualises various app data including proportionate data between paid and free apps, specific iOS platform data as regards the percentage of apps available to each, app category distribution, and app prices per category.