Twitter earthquake video
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Twitter: Faster than earthquakes [Video]

Twitter has released a short promotional video [0:47] claiming that it's "faster than earthquakes". While the video is meant to be understood as a light-hearted quip, the claims made in it are generally true and do validate Twitter's potential role as an early warning system.
The HP TouchPad is being discontinued only one month after arriving in Ireland

Defunct HP TouchPad now an Amazon bestseller

After last week's surprise announcement by HP that it would "discontinue operations for webOS devices", sales of such, specifically the HP TouchPad, have never been so good. As consumers scramble to avail of heavily discounted TouchPad offers in the US and Canada, and now the UK, HP's tablet device has today reached the number one spot on Amazon's electronics bestseller list.
Facebook has 687 million users
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Facebook ad prices increase by 74% as demand soars

The cost of advertising on Facebook is rising fast as more and more large brands allocate greater marketing resources to their online efforts. A report published today by TBG Digital, an independent marketing firm specialising in Facebook advertising campaigns, suggests that the average Facebook ad CPC (cost per click) rate increased by 74% in the past 12 months.