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The new Microsoft Touch Mouse

Microsoft unveils multi-touch mouse

Almost two years after Apple introduced the Magic Mouse, Microsoft has unveiled their new Touch Mouse. The multi-touch mouse functions as a normal mouse, but also allows users to perform certain tasks on Windows 7 using fingertip gestures on the mouse's capacitive surface.
Scan and digitise for $1

Book scanning for $1 anyone?

A novel service, 1DollarScan, launched in the US last week and builds on the successes of their Japanese counterpart Bookscan. 1DollarScan scans and digitises books, documents and photos for as little as one dollar.
The new BBC iPlayer for TV

BBC launch new TV-friendly iPlayer

The BBC has today launched a new TV-friendly version of its video on demand iPlayer service which aims to improve user experience on this medium. The new version is only available to users in the UK initially on the PlayStation 3 console but later rolled out to a myriad of other devices and connected TVs.
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