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Twestival 2011
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Twestival 2011 kicking off in Dublin, Galway and Belfast

Twestival 2011 is kicking off right about now across Ireland, bringing Twitter users together in tangible form and raising money for charity in the process. Tonight's Twestival events in Dublin, Galway and Belfast promise to provide entertainment, a chance to meet like-minded people, and of course help their respective causes.
Fund:it website
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Ireland’s first crowdfunding network, fund:it, is launched

Fund:it encourages social networking users and others to donate small amounts of money to groups and organisations who wish to set up arts or technology projects in Ireland. As with other crowdfunding networks Fund:it follows sets a minimum monetary total and a time limit for each project, if a project fails to reach or exceed its target the funding will not go through.
just setting up my twttr
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What was the first ever tweet?

Twitter, the popular micro-blogging service, is celebrating its fifth birthday today. While much can be said about the platform's phenomenal organic evolution since 2006, many question what was the first ever tweet tweeted on Twitter?
Super moon - unifiedphoto
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Last night’s super moon as captured by Flickr users

Last night’s full moon was the closest it has been to earth for almost twenty years, a mere 356,575 kilometres away. As a result, the moon appeared 14% bigger and 30% brighter than normal, granting photography enthusiasts around the world a rare opportunity to shoot the moon in such inviting circumstances.
Flickr light box on the iPad
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Flickr brings beautiful slideshows to the iPad

Flickr, the most popular photo sharing social network, has made a small but welcome update to its light box feature. The update targets iPad users specifically and allows images to be viewed full-screen in the browser, with a simple swiping motion enabled to cycle between previous and next images.
TED front page
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TED Conversations brings industry experts and social networkers together

Some of the first questions raised on TED Conversations, the topic lead social network by TED Media, the world-famous public lecture forum, will finish in just under one hour. TED Conversations is a social network which connects web users with some of the top industry minds from diverse areas such as game design, politics, economic development, digital technology and many others.
Screenshot of Fine Gael's terrible Valentine's Day app
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Fine Gael’s Valentine’s Day app – why? #socialmediacringe #ge11

Fine Gael may have yet again become political adversaries as they continue to advance deeper into the world of social media cringe prior to #ge11 later this month. In a bizarre move, Fine Gael have set up an electronic Valentine’s Day email service on their website (aka, web connection point) that lets users send their love interest an uninspiring valentine’s email, or alternatively, spam some friends.
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