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Google+ is all about +You
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Why Google+ will be a huge success

Google has finally lifted the lid on the Google+ project; their most ambitious foray into the social web to date. Unlike previous ill-fated attempts at social, like Google Wave and Google Buzz, Google+ is different. Why? Because it’s not Facebook.
Google Chrome OS
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Over half of Facebook users prefer to use Google Chrome

Over half of Facebook users prefer to use Google’s Chrome browser, according to the evolving results of an ongoing Facebook Question. Out of the 1,037,303 Facebook users who have answered the browser related question at the time of writing, 51.66% of those surveyed chose Google Chrome as their first choice web browser.
Mark Zuckerberg face tagged
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How to disable Facebook facial recognition

Facebook has quietly rolled out its new Tag Suggestions feature to most countries over the past few days. Tag Suggestions uses facial recognition technology to auto-suggest names of Facebook friends to tag in photos, something which has alarmed many Facebook users and security firms. Luckily, however, this feature can be easily disabled.
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Irish Social Media Awards finalists announced

The finalists of the Bord Gáis sponsored Social Media Awards have been announced. Over one hundred Irish companies and organisations in seventeen categories will descend upon the Mansion House on Dublin’s Dawson Street this Thursday, May 26, for the inaugural awards event.
Nick and Sam's Ireland Road Trip
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Tourism Ireland’s week long social media road trip

Tomorrow, Saturday, is the first day of a week long Tourism Ireland initiative where social media determines the road trip route taken by two avid British adventurers visiting Ireland. Their trip begins tomorrow in Belfast and ends seven days later in Cork, with the public deciding their journey southwards throughout the week.
Twitter bird
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Has Twitter passed the 300 million registered users mark?

Twitter has just passed the 300 million registered users mark according to Twopcharts, a service that analyses interesting and influential Twitter users in various locations and varying languages. Twitter passed the milestone at the start of this week on May 16th, and is currently witnessing 6.3 new account registrations every second.
Garda station lamp. Photo by infomatique via Flickr
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Gardaí join Twitter ahead of Queen Elizabeth’s and President Obama’s visits

The Gardaí, Ireland’s national police force, has joined Twitter ahead of the historic visits of Queen Elizabeth and President Barack Obama in the next two weeks. The Gardaí’s Twitter account, @gardatraffic, will become one of the main ways the police force will notify the public of planned widespread disruptions to vehicle and pedestrian travel in and around Dublin City.
People are invited to tweet images of Ireland throughout #IRLday, like this sunset scene in County Fermanagh. Credit Darren McCarra
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Initiative to get Ireland trending on Twitter during Obama’s state visit #IRLday

To coincide with US President Barack Obama’s state visit to Ireland on May 23rd, an initiative that attempts to get Ireland trending on Twitter that day is well under way. The initiative, started by PocketNative, hopes that a high volume of tweets containing the hashtag ‘#IRLday’ will ensure that the topic trends on Twitter during the President’s visit and Ireland receives the attention of over 200 million other Twitter users.
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