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iPad falling from space

iPad falls from space, and survives

Ever since Apple introduced the original iPad in January 2010, the burning question on all of our minds was whether it could survive a fall from space (right?) - in this case 100,000 feet. The answer is yes, apparently.
Will It Blend logo

Confirmed: The iPhone 4S does blend

Apple fanboys look away. Scott Dickson and Blendtec have successfully blended the new iPhone 4S. Apple’s latest handset experienced a similar fate to previous iPhone models in the Will It Blend series.
The world's largest QR code - Southern Resources recycling from above

Guinness record attempt for world’s largest QR code

A small group of technology hobbyists based in Charlotte, North Carolina are expected to break the Guinness World Record for the largest permanent QR code. The group, known as Hackerspace Charlotte, have painted a 10,000 sq. ft. QR code on the roof of a local scrap metal recycling building.
Forget HTML for Dummies, start with the basics first

New ‘HTML for Babies’ book is child’s play

Ever heard the expression that web design is child's play? Now it really is as Code Babies introduce the first book in a three-volume set titled 'HTML for Babies'. The book is designed as a light-hearted way to introduce geeky toddlers to the underlying language of the web.
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